Spoils of Donut Victory!!

Posted by Freaker USA on July 02, 2013


The day is today, the time is now.  Pete has officially decided what he enjoys to yell at the most. The DONUT-Do-That Giveaway contest draws to a close, and we must knight the victors with care packages.  We wanted to mail all of the winners a box of pastries, but we didn't want the post office to mistake our powdered sugar for anthrax.  We know for a fact that Freakers don't qualify us for any kind of security watchlist, so we'll stick to that. For now. 

The winners were not chosen by Pete, but by the good citizens of Facebook! Any photo that had fifty or more likes is getting a care package of two mystery Freakers and the grand prize winner will get eight previously unreleased Freakers - five of which are being unveiled this afternoon!

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DONUT Updates!

Posted by Freaker USA on July 01, 2013

DONUT-Do-That giveaway contest UPDATE!!!

Today is the last day to vote with your likes on Facebook for our latest giveaway sweepstakes!! We could ramble on for years about how hysterical this has been, but we'll keep it short. And now for the obligatory NEW PRIZES post!:

Any photo with 50 or more likes will get a mystery care package with 2 Freakers!

Any photo with 100 or more likes will get a mystery care package with 5 Freakers!!!

The grand prize winner (photo with most likes) will get all 8 new Freakers before they're released and 2 mystery Freakers - 10 in all!


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DONUT-Giveaway-The-New-Line Contest!

Posted by Freaker USA on June 18, 2013

We have important news, so we'll put it in bullet points, to signify its importance:

- Our team mascot, Mister Pete, has been afflicted with a hotspot on his butt.
- Like any loving family would do, we made him into a donut.
- There is a secret mini-line of 8 new Freakers
- You can have them, for free, by helping us laugh at Pete, who is now a donut!

That's right, folks! We're hosting another Facebook giveaway contest!!

Pete's donut has given him a new sense of confidence, and his bossiness is getting out of control. Submit a photo (tweet it at us, instagram us, post it to our Facebook wall, email it, whatever!) of what you think Pete is yelling at. We'll use computer-magic to make it into a DONUT meme and put it in our special Facebook album. Whoever photo gets the most "likes" wins all 8 new secret Freakers!!!

DONUT disturb, DONUT enter, DONUT start forest fires, and please, whatever you do… DONUT do that.

Winner(s?) announced in 2 weeks! Go team-meme!

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Dirty Carl Game Changer

Posted by Freaker USA on March 11, 2013
Beard gifts

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite Dirty Carl dopplegangers in our Who's Your Dirty Carl facebook contest!!!

Go to the Facebook album and "like" your most beloved contestants!! Originally, the photo with the most likes wins the entire new line!

But because we're (usually always) feeling a little frisky, we decided to add in some new prizes to the jackpot. Here's whatcha got:

1st place winner: The entire new line! (18 Freakers!)
2nd place: 12 Freakers!
Any photo with over 100 likes: 5 Freakers!
Any photo with over 50 likes: 2 Freakers!

Like it all! Clickity click! Godspeed, clickers!

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