Hopscotch & Magic!

Posted by Freaker USA on September 10, 2013

This past weekend we gathered up a buddy, a puppy, and a boxtruck for Raleigh's 4th annual Hopscotch Music Festival! 

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Freaker By The Speaker!

Posted by Freaker USA on January 04, 2013
Keller Williams Freaker

Once upon a time, we set up a Google Alert System to let us know when online publications used the word "Freaker" in an attempt to keep up with press about our company.

It was through this that we came to understand how other people use the word "Freaker." What we have learned: there is a magazine entitled "Sneaker Freaker" that glorifies people's feet and what they decide to put on them (spoiler alert: it's usually not burritos), the word "Freaker" is a common noun used by teenage girls from Indonesia when describing photos of their own faces on the internet, and that a man that goes by the name of Keller Williams sings a popular song entitled "Freaker By The Speaker."

It is that same Keller Williams fellow that got freaked last week. The Speaker of the Freaker by the Speaker now officially has a Freaker by that Speaker.

DAYUMMM! That's a lot of Eakers!

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New Wilco Freaker!

Posted by Freaker USA on July 24, 2012


Remember that time the album Yankee Foxtrot Hotel was released? Of course you do. You rode around in your Honda Civic with all your friends talking about how Wilco is your generation's last hope for musical redemption. Guess what? That was officially 10 years ago. Rev up the Civic, it's time to celebrate.

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Benji Hughes Pt. 2 of 2 (TOOTOO TUTU!)

Posted by Freaker USA on June 15, 2012

Google reports: "Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, popularly known simply as Seal."

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