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erotic-Freaker home-depot ransom-photos

Yesterday, we discovered the unthinkable. 
1. Kickstarter evidently has a beachhouse. 
2. If Freaker USA Inc was a living breathing entity and had a massive girl-crush, that girl's name would be Cassie. And said-Cassie is at said-beachhouse. 

So even though we were in Flagstaff, Arizona, hadn't spoken to these folks in a hot minute, and in no way shape of form work for Kickstarter.... we all threw a pseudo-hissyfit because we were not invited to their company vacation.  
Solution? Ransom. Saucy saucy ransom.  Lauren found it necessary to take erotic photos of Zach and Oliver in Home Depot and send them to our damsel (who was probably at this point in distress) Cassie through all media outlets possible. The erotic onslaught was to continue until the man-with-the-pants of Kickstarter officially invited us to the beachhouse. 

Conclusion: he never did & we eventually had to leave Home Depot. 

August 19, 2011 by Lauren Krakauskas



Justin said:

Good to see Zach is making use of the company’s underwear investment… that is new underwear, right?

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