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Robot Revelations: Found Erotic Photos

Because Justin Mitchener is a man of robots, he let us in on one of his technological hilarities this morning. As we were skipping around the office (because that's how we always work: skippingly), JMitchener yells from his cave "One of our popular search teams is FOUND EROTIC PHOTOS"

FTeam: "What did you say, JNutz?"
JNutz: "I'm looking at the robots and one the google terms that brings people to our website is FOUND EROTIC PHOTOS"
FTeam: "Lustin, we don't speak in robot."
Lustin: "Some people have googled "FOUND EROTIC PHOTOS" and google brought them to"
FTeam: "Our Divine Dexterous Design King, why were you googling erotic photos?"
Diving Dexterous Design King: "It wasn't me. And leave me alone."

Freaker Detective instincts have been ignited. Somebody, evidently, has found erotic photos, and are in the throes of confusion, so they have turned to google for all the answers!  We had to know for ourselves. It was a fine morning to find erotic photos. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A:

OH MY GOD! It's true! When googling "FOUND EROTIC PHOTOS" - our website is number 4 on the list of answers! And it seems to be linked to that one time where we reversed blackmailed Cassie with erotic photos in Home Depot because she didn't invite us to her office beach house that was 13 states away! OH! CRUEL WORLD! 

But that was pretty fun so let's revisit that for a second: Exhibit B:

Moral of the story: Our new sworn enemy is Wikipedia, who obviously has cheated the system seeing that they have 2 top results for the coveted google search term "found erotic photos."

Revenge will be freaked. 

December 13, 2011 by Freaker USA

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