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A Lesson in Ethics: Close Encounters & Devious Procedures!

Yesterday, we drove to Atlanta for the International Gift Show that's going to launch Freakers into outerspace (that's just how international it is!) 

Zach and Oliver drove in the boxtruck, like manly men do. Lauren and Leigh were shockingly (AHAHA!) tardy and left a couple hours later in a Prius, like little ladies do.  Therefore, TeamFreaker was left victim to the consequences of vicious gender wars. 

It wasn't 3pm before Zach (and the other manly man, Oliver, in the manly boxtruck!) was pulled over by stern authorities for assumable drunk driving. (Please note: Zach had not been drinking. He made one happy-swerve because he was so dang happy. That is all.) 

The officer was relatively nice and let the manly men carry on with their journey. But then the plot thickens..

As any good friend would do, the boys called the girls and told them that they had been pulled over by a state trooper that was currently threatening horrible things.  This was only a half-lie. And as all boys know, girls don't get charged with petty crimes (like happy-swerves) because they possess a powerful weapon in the struggle with authorities: Lumpy chests! 

Pleadingly, the boys asked the girls if they could send the police officer (who was now long-gone) photos of the only objects that could save the day. Lumpy chests! 

The ladies were in the throes of confusion! Were they to devalue their own bodies in order to rescue their buddies from the big-bad-police-wolf?! 

A decision had to be made. Conclusion? Friends are more important than dignity. 

The ladies were satisfied in thinking that their "photo-shopped" cop-placaters saved their friends some time in the daunting tale of South Carolina law enforcement. Little did they know...

The story does end here. The lies deepen, the speed limits increase, and the fiberglass dinosaurs make their grand entrance (true story!)

To be continued..... 

January 11, 2012 by Freaker USA

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