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It's Ladiez Day!

Today is International Women's Day! We've been putting Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on repeat and celebrating our favorite ladies: Ellen, Daria, and most importantly - Alisha Lee Payne. (We would give a shoutout to the Freakerteam's Lauren, but she has yet to prove herself to be a real lady.)

Oliver decided to sit down with the two lovely maidens of the office and conduct a special LadyDay interview about the joys of being a woman. (They were both a little saucy today though, probably related to other perks of being a lady.)

Ok. Here we go. 

LadyDay Interview, Featuring: Ladies. 

Oliver: Whats your favorite part about being a lady?

Alisha: Wearing florals.
Lauren: Childbirth. 

Oliver: How do you feel about chivalry? 

A: I hate it. 
L: I personally prefer misogyny. (Disclaimer: this is to be read with a dry voice & a raised brow. Freaker USA nor any of it's members advocate misogyny. I promise. Except for Pete the Dog and that's only sometimes. Misdogyny.)

Oliver: What do you think about lady mother-daughter relationships?

A: My mom isn't a real lady, she wears make up and does her hair but she doesn't enjoy the color pink.

Oliver: So she really loves breast cancer?

A: Maybe she's not my real mom. 

Zach: What's your problem?

Lauren: I can't publish this, ethically. 

Oliver: Would you attribute your lady like qualities to your mother?

Lauren: This isn't *#@&% Mother's Day, Oiver. But yes. 
Alisha: Dads can teach you things too, Oliver. 

Justin: Are you guys talking about periods? My dad gave me a really bad sex talk once.  I thought he was going to tell me that my dog had died. But he just told me that girls have boobs.

Zach: Alisha, this day is about tradition. Go do the dishes. 

Lauren: You're all fired. 


March 08, 2012 by Freaker USA

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