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Shopping. For SCIENCE!

This may further disturb the SEO gods for when people search for "erotic home depot photos" on google, but it's a true story and thus my job is to tell it.

Yesterday Oliver built a ray-gun time-machine while Zach played dress-up. (Not lying, pinky promise.)


But our Mini Plasma Disk broke at 8:45 pm. Home Depot (the natural habitat of all Mini Plasma Disks) was to close in 15 minutes and our time machine couldn't properly function so we were in quite the sticky science spot. We were forced to use meer peasant technology and speed-drive to our beloved Depot Home. 

We have obtained the Mini Plasma Disk Device with t-1 minute to spare! Onwards! To VICTORY!

Not everyone was as thrilled with our resounding scientific success. Haters gunna hate. 

Back to the lab, Frank! We must continue our work. Our science work. 





At the conclusion of the science, an unexpected side effect floored everyone involved in the experiment. Pete The Dog suddenly transformed into an 79 year old Russian babuska. 

To be continued......

March 14, 2012 by Freaker USA

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