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Countdown of Awesome 2012

This is a special time of year for fancy publications. They all band together in a Fancy Publication Club and have established traditions that they must abide by to be legitimately considered fancy. The most prominent of these rituals involve getting overly excited about numbered lists.

This morning, the Fancy Publication Club faxed us an invite to join their party under the conditions that (1.) we make a number list, (2.) be very enthusiastic about it, and (3.) say something emotional about another great year that has passed.

Without further ado, here is a list (with numbers) of 10 great Freaker moments from 2012:

10. We became officially patented adults!!

Unfortunately for the US government, patents look suspiciously like coloring books.

9. We celebrated our first birthday! ... With a Shake Parade.

... Obviously. For a fairy tale collection of more photo madness, click right hurr.

8. Threadless got real freaky real fast.

It all started when we threw those little boogers a grilled cheese party at their headquarters in Chicago...

...But it soon developed into a fullblown knit love affair with collaborative design competitions and a bucket of giggles.

7. Ladiez Day!

Girls are pretty cool. So for International Women's Day, we interviewed two of the ladies in our office about what it's like to be a woman. Something something bla bla bla BOOBS.  (Before anybody get's pissy: our worker's contract adequately explains that we are an equal opportunity employer and when it comes to sexual harassment, anybody at anytime is fair game. Because. Equality?) 

6. Freakers + Cuppows = True Luv 4EVA!!

Cuppows + Freakers are the Romeo + Juliets of the product world. Made in America & improving the quality of your liquid life! Read their story & try not to get invigorated. I triple dog dare you. 

5. The FreakWorld expanded it's borders!!

Mission Freak-The-World continues! In the past 365 days, we have freaked: Japan, Korea, Australia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico & Spain! Also, this fine young chap singlehandedly freaked Antartica! Chip Chip Chooray! 

4. The ultimate battle of the sexes over Sexy Sax Man.

The ladies of the office have a seemingly unhealthy infatuation with a man named Sexy Sax Man. The boys of the office met him. What ensued was THE ULTIMATE DEFEAT IN THE BOYS VS GIRLS PRANK-CHALLENGE WITH THE BOYS COMING INTO THE UNDENIABLE LEAD AND THE GIRLS WEEPING SOFTLY IN THE BACKGROUND SUCKAAAAAZZZZZZ.

Don't worry, women of the world. The office struck back. And it was very saxifying.

(For those of you who are not Sexy Sax Man enlightened, this one's for you:)

3. Wilco got Freaked... Again!

Remember that time the album Yankee Foxtrot Hotelwas released? Of course you do. You rode around in your Honda Civic with all your friends talking about how Wilco is your generation's last hope for musical redemption. Guess what? That was OFFICIALLY 10 YEARS AGO. Rev up the Civic, it's time to celebrate. For the 10th birthday of the legendary album, a specialty Freaker was one of the many ways Wilco decided to put their partypants on!

2. Zach took a dive in the Shark Tank!

On October 19th, 2012, reality tv changed forever. The ABC primetime show Shark Tank brought on Zach Crain. What ensued were animal noises, and endless supply of giggles & the highest rated episode in the show's history. GO TEAM GO!


This was, by far, the most exhilirating moment in the 2012 Freaker yearbook. After an uncomfortable eternity of heckling the Limp Bizkit singer on the internet, he finally responded by correcting our spelling.

Can you imagine all of your trolling-Fred-Durst dreams being realized in one spell-check swoop?! WE CAN. BOOOOOSH! And that wraps up our excitement for an entire year. Stay classy, internet.

See you in the screw year! PEACE, Y'ALL!

December 31, 2012 by Freaker USA

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