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Casual Mondays!


We live in a digital age. This could easily be the beginning of a Orwellian ramble, or a psychological analysis of human relations with robotic accessories... but it's not. We're solely here to talk about d!#@ jokes.

We have recently found a new iPhone app that makes your photos look like a censored copy of Girls Gone Wild. Earlier today, we published this photo on Instagram and Facebook and asked you to help us caption it.  The responses have been ... appropriate. Let's have a gander:

- The meeting on Sexual Harassment went downhill very quickly.

- You must be wearing flesh colored logos from companies that wouldn't sign off on your endorsement just like in the rap videos.

- Town meeting.

- Unnecessary censorship freaker style

- And that's why sweet tarts are no longer permitted in the office

... Thank you, digital age, for this opportunity to be 11 years old. Forever.

June 03, 2013 by Freaker USA

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