DONUT-Giveaway-The-New-Line Contest!

We have important news, so we'll put it in bullet points, to signify its importance:

- Our team mascot, Mister Pete, has been afflicted with a hotspot on his butt.
- Like any loving family would do, we made him into a donut.
- There is a secret mini-line of 8 new Freakers
- You can have them, for free, by helping us laugh at Pete, who is now a donut!

That's right, folks! We're hosting another Facebook giveaway contest!!

Pete's donut has given him a new sense of confidence, and his bossiness is getting out of control. Submit a photo (tweet it at us, instagram us, post it to our Facebook wall, email it, whatever!) of what you think Pete is yelling at. We'll use computer-magic to make it into a DONUT meme and put it in our special Facebook album. Whoever photo gets the most "likes" wins all 8 new secret Freakers!!!

DONUT disturb, DONUT enter, DONUT start forest fires, and please, whatever you do… DONUT do that.

Winner(s?) announced in 2 weeks! Go team-meme!