Lederhosen Freaker! Ja ja ja!


Sometimes it's easy to get distracted from the true meaning of October. The trees try to soil you with temptation by turning their leaves with provocative colors.  Human relations are skewed because all the men are suddenly Heath Ledger and the women pretend to have medical degrees.  Even Trader Joe's is out to get you with their sly trickery of pumpkin flavored everything. 

Don't be misled so easily! Have some respect! Get back to the roots! There is a REASON for the season, people! 

That reason is beer. 

And silly overalls. Das German overalls!

These limited edition lederhosen Freakers are exclusive to our friends at Woot.com and they come free with every shirt order from now until October 23rd as part of their Shirtoberfest special! 

Oktober wird vorbei sein, bevor man sagen kann, "eine weitere Runde von Würstchen, BITTE" fünfmal schneller. So gehen Woot, kaufen ein T-Shirt, erhalten ausgeflippt, Bier trinken und fröhlich sein.

  Wenn Sie dies lesen über einen Online-Übersetzer, erhalten Sie Bonuspunkte für Engagement. Bleiben awesome. Chicki chicki.