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Love Glove!!

Did you know that Valentines Day is only...

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You learn something new every day. Yesterday, we learned "ALWAYS BE A BALLER." Following this...

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Developed-World Real-Talk

Have you ever heard a middle-class college student...

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Reign of Multi-legged Terror

Readers beware, if you have a squirmish  This really happened (yesterday.) To real people (us.)  Read More

Freaker Fashion Tutorials!

Today as Alisha was slaving away at accounting, an article so aptly entitled "5 Things...

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Freak of the Week: Freedom Edition (PSYCHE!)

 Ooh! Ooh! It's that time of the week again where we ask you a weird...

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Still On This Train

A woman yelled at Alisha on the phone today.  So we SuperDraked her. ...

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Now, The World Is Probably Ceasing To Spin

"Let's not let Snooki's pregnancy overpower the fact that Justin Bieber turned 18 today." Read More