Love Glove!!

Did you know that Valentines Day is only a couple weeks away? Don't find yourself in the doghouse (unless you're into that kind of thing) this year. Is there any better way to show your love and appreciation with a sweet cheers, cold drink and warm hands? Spoiler alert: No. No there is not. Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to the newest re-released member of the Freaker Family... Love Glove!   Tweet: WOO!


  You learn something new every day. Yesterday, we learned "ALWAYS BE A BALLER." Following this new philosophy, we immediately ordered so many boxes that the box company sent us a free camoflauge children's tent. Lauren doesn't do well in "the outdoors," but she pretends to be a survivalist, so we gave her the fort as a new office space in the backroom. 

Developed-World Real-Talk

  Have you ever heard a middle-class college student complain that their day has been ruined because the new iPhone won't be released for another month? That, my dear, is commonly referred to as "white girl problems." (Evidently white men don't have problems? Common nomenclature can be politically incorrect. Rude.) This morning, the Freaker Office had our own version of "White Girl Problems":

Reign of Multi-legged Terror

It was if "cries of disgust & screams of panic" were Justin's evolutionary mating call. He was at the scene of the roach-crime almost immediately like a knight in shining anti-roach armor.

Freaker Fashion Tutorials!

 Dang! That looks like the exact same shape that a rolled up Freaker would make!.....Wait a hot jimminy minute....

Freak of the Week: Freedom Edition (PSYCHE!)

  The first one to hit the inside of his mouth would be deemed the "winner," which is a pretty odd terminology considering the circumstances...

Still On This Train

A woman yelled at Alisha on the phone today.  So we SuperDraked her.  For comfort. 

Now, The World Is Probably Ceasing To Spin

"Let's not let Snooki's pregnancy overpower the fact that Justin Bieber turned 18 today." -World News Analysis as provided by Miss Alisha Payne.    Food for ...thought?