Makin' Friends.

LOOK AT THAT SASSY BABE IN THE MIDDLE!  (And no, I'm not talking about Leigh in a sequined butterfly shirt. She's alright, but check out that angry beauty in the pink pants! SAUCY!)

Our Failed Attempt to Cultivate Street-Cred in Hotlanta.

So once upon a time (yesterday.) three of the freak warriors ventured into the fiery depths of a magical land called Atlanta.  Sidenote: Yes, this is our 2nd time to Atlanta this month. We're trying to get enough local street credit that when a middle-aged predator at a dive bar asks us "You come here often?," we can rightfully say "Why yes. Yes we do come here often."

Steamy Journeys Down Under

< Upon the realization that "The Silver Slipper" was not in fact a strip club, the Freakerteam suddenly awoke from Pedro's sultry (HOT.) hypnosis & raised their fists of justice.


We're freaking out over here.   #VisualPhilosophyJustPunchedMeInTheFace

Atlanta freakdom

For the past week, we've been freaking Atlanta at a trade show. These things are massive. These things are serious. These things are alot of stern faces and financial talking-abouts. Obviously, these things are alot of things that we are not necessarily good at.  However...  Freakers & this tradeshow are having a pretty intense love affair.  We got a trophy for a contest we didn't know existed! Best booth on floor?! Hurrah! Saucypants! Our little Fr...


Universal Resource Locators... In Real Life!  The internet is a no-man's land? Hardly. There are kind kings & bourgeois bosses & the lovely ladies of the lan (Ahaha!) Yesterday, we got the honor and the pleasure of meeting, greeting & freaking 3 of the internet's superstars!  From left to right: AlishaFreak!  Lauren Freak! Christiane Lemieux, founder of Dwell Studio Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy Heather Clawson, f...

Zach Actually Got a Haircut.

The other day when we revealed the big-secret shocker-moment season-finale that Zach got a Haircut, you may have thought we were joking. (We were joking, because Zach is not actually Daniel Faraday, but alas, we were not joking about the seriousness of scissors.)  Ladies and Gents, after two years of no trims, this happened: The result is a dapper young fellow with an air of professionalism.  But do not fear, dear! Some of you may call him derogatory terms such as "S...

Tradeshow VIP

I know what you're thinking. You're using all of your mental faculties to picture what the back-ends of a tradeshow would look like.  Dearest of dears, don't you fear. We are here to help you.  The Freakerteam is in Atlanta for a tradeshow RIGHT NOW! Let us give you a tour.    So here what professionals call a "loading dock of wisdom." It is located underground. It is like the engine of the Titanic. Let's all wish it the best in it's efforts not to kill everyon...