Capital C Release!

You may remember when a couple of German lads followed us around with cameras for their documentary about the crowdfunding revolution. Guess what? The film's release time is now! (Almost.) As of Friday, you'll be able to view Capital C: The Movie on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Xbox, Vudu, etc... On Monday, we'll be teaming up with the directors and doing an AMA on Reddit! You're cordially invited to harass us on the internet. See the trailer here!

No way, Norway!

Wait, wut? OKAY, SURE. WE LOVE YOU TOO, NORWAY!  (Our best guess? The documentary Capital C has hit the Nords! That means it's coming to the states soon! WOO!) 

Capital C - Trailer (Park) Kids

There comes a time in every man's (or woman's! We are aware of sexual harassment equality, yes we are!) life when you have to plagiarize yourself. This is one of those times.   Prepare the Delorean, Alfred:

German Invasion

Remember the documentary in which the founder of Wikipedia, Obama's design director, and Zach in a banana suit all did a dance for crowdfunding? Filming started yesterday.