He Went To Freakers

Life's little moments are special. The twinkling twinkles can be twinkly.  Make sure that this season, you hold these memories close to your heart.  This season, make sure you freak and get freaked. 

Sneak peak!

On the set of the greatest romance Christmas video ever made.  You will laugh. You will cry. You will be overcome by the joy of the season, in an epic show of passion and chilly confusion.   Coming soon to an Internet near you.

Edge of Urge's Holiday-Handmade-Market!

Holy moly! This Saturday, come to Crow Hill for a local-artist-Christmas-extravaganza!   Edge of Urge is hosting the Holiday Handmade Market! DJs, brunch specials and a gaggle of local goodies! Cost for you? 5 canned goods for the food drive!  Not only are Freakers going to have their little table of wonder, but our very own Alisha (Ruby Assata!) is going to be selling her super special hand-made wallets and bags. Tomorrow! From 11 am - 6 pm! It's gon' be magical!

~**FrEaK WiSh: PlZ FoRwArD!**~

‎~*~Our Facebook page is nearing the FrIeNd MaXiMuM… IMPENDING DOOM!*~* Like our business page and you can save the Freak! *~*~*~*Make a WiSh*~*~* ******* ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************* No, that wish is a physical impossibility. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **************************** Keep scrolling, we're not trolling.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************* Okay! Remember your wish? Here's the deal.  Share this video with 1 friend = Little Susie won't spoil your Holiday...


As we've been not-so-covertly interlacing our daily activities with Polaroid pictures, we wanted to show you some that will NOT be going in your Christmas packages. And by "some," we really just mean that one of Zach's underwear drying outside of our office headquarters. Unless you specially request it. And then we will send you all documentation of how Zach both washes and dries his underwear. Your wish? On it.    

Shake It Like Your Polaroid Photo Seduction.

As mentioned earlier, we will be sending unique Polaroid pictures of the Freakerteam in with each one of our holiday packages.  Here is another sampling of the special sauce that was just shipped off in a love package to Studiomates & SwissMiss. Zach's not wearing pants. Lauren is assaulting a musical instrument that, under no circumstance, she knows how to play. Come get yours! 

Saucy Holiday Packages - Now up up & away!

Yesterday we officially released our new holiday packages pumped full of freaker cheer! And Freakers have an overflowing amount of cheer these days. Some of the specialties of our packages? On it!: - We've been staying at the office until the weeeeee hours of the morning hand-screenprinting all the Christmas boxes so you can feel the extra love we're sending your way! - We also are including a personalized polaroid picture of the Freakerteam in all the holiday bliss with love notes just...

Freak of the Week 15.0!!

We've been busy little bees collecting the honeypot of holiday cheers but now it's that time again to launch our Freak of the Week pun contests! Last round, we highlighted  DevilSock in all his spook glory! And the winners areeeee...... David Zukerman: a highly skulled freak Remy Neff: One size Misfits all... Hooray! Winners, send us your shipping addresses and we'll be sure to freak your doorstep with presents! As many of you already know, we've got a handful of new styles ready to...

Freak the Halls!

 Our holiday video is here! This makes us all fuzzy on the inside (some of us are even fuzzy on the outside!) and now all we want to do is   curl up next to the fire and have an all inclusive snuggle party! We'll get hot cider and pumpkin treats! Who's in!?

Introducing... YonderDown!

Holidays are fast approaching and Freakers are coming out of the woodworks for the season! One of our newest editions is named Yonderdown and he would love nothing more than to travel down yonder with you to grandma's house for that special hot tottie that only she can brew up. NOM NOM NOM  

SneakPeak from our Christmas Shoot!

 Pretties + Puppies = Perfect. 

Mystery Christmas: DC Installment.

Christmas? We'll tell you when you're older.