Too Cool for School?? Free Freaker Alert!!

  Did you already get your Lisa Frank trapper-keeper? Good. What about your new finger paint & collegiate textbooks? Good, good. And your Back To School Freakers? Oh! Let me help you with that.  For 3 days only (until 8/31/12) buy any 3 Freakers and get a free No. 2 & Mine Mine for free! Nerdies Unite!

Freak-Your-Mom Special! Buy At Least 2 Get 1 Free!!

 Let's be honest, everything good that you have, you probably Got It From Yo Mama.

Black Freakday SpecialTEES!

 In celebration of the Beat-Everyone-Up-At-Walmart national holiday of Black Friday, we have created some super special deals just for you (under the condition that you will not beat up anybody at Walmart... today.) For every 15 & 30 pack, we're including a free Freaker shirt!** What's the difference between a Freaker shirt and a non-Freaker shirt? Well! We are so glad you asked! When you wear a Freaker shirt (as opposed to a non-Freaker shirt), light sabers magically appear in ...

Twitter Action World-Saving Deals

In celebration of the upcoming shopping madness week, we're going to start flamethrowing special CIA secretive deals your way!  Follow us on Twitter and get a 10% discount code to use on anything here for the next week! We're cutting the red wire (or is it the green wire?! It's always so confusingly suspenseful!) next Tuesday.  Another piece of good news, we've found VinBook.  VinBook; noun, [ vin boo k']: 1. A collection of poorly photoshopped images of...