Freaker Friday: The Cuppow Adventure

  Let's take a moment and reflect on the fact that another seven days has passed. It's Friday! What that means? Staying up late, sleeping in tomorrow, cutting the grass, and, most importantly, more free things!

Touchin' Me, Touchin' You.

Tomorrow we launch the brilliance of Cuppow, which transform mason-jars into sippy-cups! Tonight we celebrate! What are you celebrating though? Who is it that you are supporting? Who touched it and who are you touching (sexually, of course.) Things these days have become so streamlined, so efficient. Machines spit products into boxes and ship them off without so much as a kiss goodbye. Gone are the days of human contact. Remember that warm feeling you got when the lunch lady would grab...

Cuppow Launch

Freaker USA will be carryingCuppows as of Friday! LET'S CELEBRATE! This Thursday at 8pm, we'll be throwing a launch-soiree at The Soapbox in downtown Wilmington! Made in the USA, Cuppows turn your mason-jar into a to-go sippy-cup! First 50 in the door get a free Cuppow, free Freaker & free 16 oz. mason jar! Free Glamour Shots for all via photographer JMitchener! YEEHAW! Playdates!

Dopplegangers de Nord. (That are also probably also Nordic.)

We got an email late last night from the fine chaps at Cuppow that reads as follows:

The Evolution of Cuppow!

This was a match made in heaven for Freaklovers everywhere - coffee in a sippy-cup mason-jar is all fun&games until a series of unfortunate events stemming from your hands getting too hot lead to your eyeballs getting accidentally poked out. FREAKERS TO THE RESCUE. What a rosy world.


 Ladies and Gents, let us introduce you to our newest Favorite-Thing-In-The-World.  Do you caffeinate yourself via mason jars? Is your name SpillyVanilly? Do these two features haunt you at night with coffee stains and burnt fingertips? Boy! Do we have a shocker for you!  CUPPOW is here to save the day! Special sippy-lids for your canning jars, Cuppows are 100% made in America! Created in an enchanted warehouse in Somerville, MA, they will make sure that you are ...