Cyber Monday!

Did you enjoy your long weekend? Would it have been better if your toe tootsies weren't so chilly? We've got solutions to all of your feety problems!  For every product you buy today, were throwing in a BOGO mystery pair of socks!  Buy a Freaker, get a mystery pair of socks!  Buy a pair of Freaker feet, get a free mystery pair!  Buy a million Freakers and socks, get a million freebies!  Happy happy happiness to you!!,


I'm going to tell you a fairy tale: Once upon a time it was Black Friday, and for every two Freakers you bought, you got an extra Mystery Freaker for free! In this utopian dream, the fine folks at Freaker USA did not bug you enough. So when Cyber Monday came around, they yelled again and upped the deal even further. For every ONE Freaker you bought, you got a FREE Mystery Freaker! Worlds collided, minds exploded, and they all lived happily ever after. Of course it's only a fairy tale because...