Shark Week!

  Are you a nerd for Shark Week?

Signature Artist Series: Jessie Williams & MineMine Mania!

  The very first designer to take the Freaker mold and make it her own is the fabulous founder of Edge of Urge: Jessie Williams! Ladies and Gentz, I would like to introduce you to..... MineMine!

Springtime Cross-Pollination!

It's that time of year where things like pollen & love are floating around like pesky little 'squitos. What better way to celebrate than to cross-pollinate your favorite things?! This works out extra great if "your" name is Freaker USA and your "favorite things" is Edge of Urge!  Those pretty babies lured in our very own Oliver with free cookies and captured some snapshots in between his nibblings! UHMAZING!  Here you can see Oliver Mellan gazing longingly in the dista...

Subliminal Note Passings!

Edge of Urge just made a very special specialty tab for Freakers! How special!    In an extra sweet gesture, they even took the extra strides to make a really flattering subliminal message. We think you may or may not smell nice also, Edge of Urge! You are the best!  

Adventures at the Edge!

Yesterday, our favorite sparkle kittens at Edge of Urge needed a Freaker re-order. Seeing that they are approximately 4 minutes away from The Freakeroffice, we delivered them with strength and vigor (like DragonSlayers of stealth!)  We were on a mission. And we were going to claim victory over this mission. But then! But then we were suddenly blinded by a glitter-storm of jubilance!  Oh no! So much love! THE DRAGONSLAYER-OF-STEALTH'S WORST ENEMY! We found ourselves holding...

Local Showcase #2: Edge of Urge

Partly because Christmas is creepin' up, but mostly because we are so enthralled and deeply in love with geography (and also cake!), we've started to showcase local artists, local businesses, local juices and local _____(insert anything else relevant or not here)_____.  Yesterday, we solved all of your confusion as to what to get the memory-maker on your list. Today, we're going to tackle the lovely lady on your list that enjoys 3 or more of the following things: 1. puppies 2...

Edge of Urge's Holiday-Handmade-Market!

Holy moly! This Saturday, come to Crow Hill for a local-artist-Christmas-extravaganza!   Edge of Urge is hosting the Holiday Handmade Market! DJs, brunch specials and a gaggle of local goodies! Cost for you? 5 canned goods for the food drive!  Not only are Freakers going to have their little table of wonder, but our very own Alisha (Ruby Assata!) is going to be selling her super special hand-made wallets and bags. Tomorrow! From 11 am - 6 pm! It's gon' be magical!

Freakers + Edge of Urge + Gravity Records + Wilco

= This Saturday.  This combination may just cause Wilmington to spontaneously combust with eminent epic explosions of ecstatic extravagance, but we'll take our chances. This Saturday, come out for Wilmatic 2: A Wilco Listening Party at Edge of Urge! Edge of Urge has collaborated with Gravity Records to create a stunning system of what everybody loves the most: special sales & free things. Get the full details here and here, but in the meantime, here's a delicious...