Subliminal Freakage

Notice anything familiar creepin' on Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson?!  That's our little she-creep of a co-founder, Lauren, dressed like a manic housewife and advertising a Freaker that's been dead for two years! Anybody remember Kuptakes? We do! We also remember giving this particular photo to a film-friend because she looks especially special. Let's have a closer look: There's the money shot! (Thanks, Chad Keith! You're the Chad to our Keith!)

Capital C - Trailer (Park) Kids

There comes a time in every man's (or woman's! We are aware of sexual harassment equality, yes we are!) life when you have to plagiarize yourself. This is one of those times.   Prepare the Delorean, Alfred:

German Invasion

Remember the documentary in which the founder of Wikipedia, Obama's design director, and Zach in a banana suit all did a dance for crowdfunding? Filming started yesterday.

Graduating to the Adult Table.

There is a really fantastic Kickstarter campaign currently crowdfunding for a feature-length documentary ...about crowdfunding. HOW FUNCTIONALLY META! Capital C is the creation of Timon Birkhofer, a German joy-warrior with familial roots in North Carolina! In this film, Timon (You can call him Timmy, because he probably likes you.) highlights how the introduction of crowdfunding is changing the game of independent culture. If the finished product is anywhere as delicate ...