No way, Norway!

Wait, wut? OKAY, SURE. WE LOVE YOU TOO, NORWAY!  (Our best guess? The documentary Capital C has hit the Nords! That means it's coming to the states soon! WOO!) 


There's a new kid on the Freaker block. His name is Benelux.  Benelux is a tricky kid, because what seems like one guy suddenly turns into three. Mmmhmm - Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were just added to the ever growing Freaker Family!  If you're in the area and can't live another day without Freakers in your life, contact our newest distributor, Made Sustained, and they'll make all of your dreams come true! 

Shop Vocal! Shop Local!

You know that little hiking store owned by the obscure man with pet monkeys? What about the boutique that's employed 9 generations of the Rascallooney family? These places are awesome and so are you. Shop local! We've updated our locations page so that you can support your local community's economy while getting freaked! Go get 'em champ! What's that? You're in Europe? Guess what?! Freakers are on the British online haven Firebox as of... now! Save on shipping and ciao bella, voila, ...

Broz 4 Ur Bottles

Bonjour, western world that's not America! Have you been in desperate need of a good Freaking lately, but shipping costs have got you down? Well, we've got the best breaking news of your day.  Freakers are on Fab Europe right now!! The flash sale site gives us only a couple context clues that they are European, such as: -"TEPID COLA." -"COSIES." That's about it. All other linguistic clues lead us mysteriously to the Jersey Shore.


I want you to close your eyes and imagine a perfect world where children are laughing, flowers are blooming, and R. Kelly is from South Korea. Presumably, this is the same utopia that the fine folks at LG Fashion Corp were dreaming of when they freaked their "Around The Corner" shop in Seoul, Korea. 

The Troop Troupe

You (yes! you!) guys are the greatest of all the greats. If Alexander the Great, Catherine the Great, and Abraham Lincoln the Great all got together and somehow made a baby (science!?), you would be even greater than Weird Science Baby the Great.

Dispatch from Slovenia: Rockstar Edition

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful message in cyber-space coming from a land far far away. The Slovenians have struck yet again with their mighty sword of excellence.

Tokyo Drifting

Tom Waits, once said "I got the sheets but not the bed, I got the jam but not the bread. But hey, I'm big in Japan."  We've been channeling that rusted nail of a hero all morning after we found out that the Beams store in Shibuya, Tokyo is showcasing Freakers from now until May 10th! So this is a call to action for our Japanese counterparts: Go say Konnichiwa! to these fine folks and get your freak on!  Freakers for all! With a side dish of unlimited high fives!! ...

FreakFingers Across The Universe!

March 23rd, 2012 (that's today!!) is a very special day in our universal mission to Freak the World!  First off, we are packaging a whooooole boatload of Freakers and shipping them off to Japan! We are working like busy little worker bees to the endless soundtrack of classic cultural gems (?!) like Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!  Now you have a fanTASTIC excuse to fly yourself to Japan and stop in a Beams to get all kinds of Freaky!  So very official! ...

Pinky & The Freak in Slovenia!

We are one step closer to Freaking-The-World and feel like this should be one of the stranger episodes of Pinky & The Brain. The news is in and the rumors are true: Slovenia has officially been freaked.  Here are the offiicial photos of our official announcement: Official Freakers bask in the glory of the official capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.  For those of you who are geographically confused as to where Slovenia is, we made this very technical pie-chart...