Freaker Uses #8246

One Freaker, every microphone.  We're eternally enamored with watching people find new uses for Freakers. So far we've seen hair buns, doggie casts, doll clothing, and burrito satchels. Today we learned that Freakers are also being used as radio recording instruments!  Consider the Freakerteam a band of proud parents.  (via <a href="

Kitteh Casts!

The more we play with Freakers, the more unexpectedly utilitarian uses we find for them.  This one, Kitteh Casts, was shamelessly stolen from some guy on the internet named JMarkle. His cat, pFluffer, recently had surgery on both legs and kept picking at the bandages. pFluffer not only has the best cat name in the universe, but also the best cat owner because JMarkle has been using Freakers as kitty casts over the bandages and much to everybody's delight, pFluffer hasn't even tried to rip t...

Ice Day!

Photo lovingly stolen from @aliciacassarino via Instagram! Branches are flying, flowers are dying, and everyone is shivering in their respective corners. It's Ice Day, hip hip hooray! I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're all holed up in your rooms playing dress up with Freakers. Great job, everyone. Great job. (Please, nobody prove me wrong on this one. We really want to believe this is what everyone is doing RIGHT NOW.)

Freaker Fashion Tutorials!

 Dang! That looks like the exact same shape that a rolled up Freaker would make!.....Wait a hot jimminy minute....