Aw shucks!

Co-founder and Director Of Some Things, Lauren, shares the Freaker philosophy of facepalms and chuckle parades. "We're all just little blib-blurps on a beautiful planet, and it's our civic duty to have, and spread, the giggles." Thanks, Thrillist!!!! We like our jobs too. 


  Big waves from Freakerville! Hi, friends!! 

Capital C Release!

You may remember when a couple of German lads followed us around with cameras for their documentary about the crowdfunding revolution. Guess what? The film's release time is now! (Almost.) As of Friday, you'll be able to view Capital C: The Movie on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Xbox, Vudu, etc... On Monday, we'll be teaming up with the directors and doing an AMA on Reddit! You're cordially invited to harass us on the internet. See the trailer here!


Meet the maker!!! When he's not racing motorcycles in rap videos, Carson Cram (Cramworks) hand forges all of our displays with the fire of a million local-metal-fabricator suns! Support your local artisans, kiddos. They'll thank you dearly. Small Business Warriors UNITE!  

Christmas Shipping!

News Brief: Whoa, Nelly! Christmas is next week! If your ducks are veering from the row or your eggs are falling out of the basket, don't worry! You still have time for a Christmas delivery! Some fun shipping facts: -We ship care packages within 24 hours of your order! All packages are shipped from Wilmington, North Carolina. -Officially, the post office says the last day for expected Christmas delivery is December 20th, but we're scooting it back a day to be on the safe side. Order by 12...

Public Service Announcement

Party every party like it's a holiday party. This has been a public service announcement.

Radiation Filters!

Dearest Captain Freakadoids, Our co-founder and video magician, Oliver Mellan needs your help finishing his new film - Radiaton Filters! It’s a humorously serious docu-narrative about the relationship between and evolution of humans and nuclear energy. The film is focused on "the next step” of nuclear radiation and healing and it’s a wild ride so do yourself a favor and give it a whirl, little chickies! Check out his Kickstarter campaign here!

Wedding Whizzlers!

THEY GOT HITCHED!! (Yes. To each other.) Our Queen B & our Harder-Than-Drake designer tied the knot on Saturday! Eeeeeaaaayayaya!Perks to "your special day" include: chugging chicken wine straight out of the bottle. Because you want to. Because back off. Congratulations on a perfect coupling. Ya dun good, little birds.

Next Glass Interview!

Our friends at Next Glass, another Wilmington-based company revolutionizing the way you drink things, recently did an interview with our co-founder Lauren about jerk bosses, Danzig, and some mysterious projects that we have in the works.  They had this bit which has made us blush uncontrollably for three days now: "Freaker is a fist in the air when the band is bombing. It’s the high five followed by a low 10, no questions asked. It’s a reminder to live your life in color, no matter what. Yo...

Business Class!

Freaker USA is nominated for the 2013 "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" after somehow "winning" the retail subsection award. There has been a general lack of concern in this office for what a "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" actually means, but as of recently, we've been getting some clues. Our updated "Award Hypothesis" is as follows: "Award" is when somebody puts your picture in a paper! For example, I want to reward you for being awesome. Because we don't actually own a newspaper, just ima...

The Township of Freakerville

Things have been a little hectic lately here in Freakerville, and when we get frazzled, strange things start to occur. Here is a photo journal of weird happenings that have been making an appearance in our office over the past week. As shown above, Justin had a "late night" on the internet and ordered a new girlfriend. She comes in the form of a 6 ft. wide printer and we wish them the absolute best together.

Old Habits Die Hard. Like Bruce Willis.

The ringleader and the blacksmith are weirdy beardy. Bruce Willis is skeptical of this. There's a whole slew of cultural sayings that pertain to old habits, but very few of them were actually said by Bruce Willis. So I want you to imagine Bruce Willis is your grandmother, telling you catchy bits of wisdom like "can't teach an old dog new tricks. PUPPIES 4EVA!" and "have a cake, eat it too, pass the fork. I understand nothing." Today in Freakerville, Bruce Willis is our collective gra...