Oklahoma, I think it's finally time for us to sit down and have the gritty yet necessary conversation.  Let me start by saying that this is an open forum, and the highest valued commodity is honesty. Whew. Okay. You ready?

Texas Heat & Greet!

I would like to clarify: This was taken in a Wendy's. Texas rules. You Texans are so sweet. Sweet than apple pie. Sweeter than spring chickens. Sweeter than a vat of cane sugar mixed with artificial sweetener mixed with extra sweetened honey! You're sweeter than all of these things combined with the other sweet colloquialisms describing sweet things with an extra sweet cherry on top.

Here's Photo Stock Explaining Why We're Still Recovering

For those of you who weren't able to make it to our 1-year birthday party on June 10th, I'm pretty sure you're fed up with us flaunting how much fun you could have had. I understand your woes and all those regrets for opportunities missed.... but too freakin bad. Here are some of the finished photos of the ShakeParade & ShakeQuake.

Freaker Turns 1! BirthdayBash - Next Sunday!!!

  Mark your calendars, Wilmington.

Freak In Training!

We had a big flaming ball of fire fun this weekend in The Outer Banks! We were up there to throw a grilled cheese party for Kitty Hawk Kites and it was there that we met our protege. His name is Lyric. He is perfect: He wallowed in the boxtruck. He danced up a storm. He freaked the Freakers.  Lyric, someday you will go through a transformation and wake up one morning with an urgent need for a job. When that day comes, you know where to find us. 


Tomorrow! From 11-1, we're throwing a Freaker grilled cheese party for Kitty Hawk Surf's "EGGstravaganza"!!!!! Come play! We'll feeeeed you, we'll freeeeeak you and all will be merry!! View Larger Map Get Directions 

Dispatch from SXSW: Grilled Cheese Jammin Fiesta! Today!

Hey Austin! Remember when we galloped in the fields together and snuggled over grilled cheese sandwiches? That sure was magical. I wish we could break the gooey-bread with you again... maybe today.  These are lofty dreams for us, but our dear Bake-Sale-Assistant Leigh Voli is currently in your glory hole at none other than the House of Creatives SXSW! And what are they going to get you involved in?  COOZIE-BURNING, CHEESE-EATING, BODY-GROOVIN, GOOD-LOOKIN, ROCK-N-ROLLIN! All ...

Tomorrow! Wilmington to be FREAKED!

Dear Wilmington,  It's official. We're home. Come celebrate with us! Tomorrow at Satellite, we're throwing a bash for you. Free grilled cheese sandwiches, discounted Freakers, photoshoots out the wahoozie & music to move your body to. Justin Lacey and the Swimming Machine is going to rock your socks off and then we're celebrating No Dollar Shoe's cd release! It will surely be a night that will leave you scrambling to recollect all of your thoughts into one coherent memory. All ages ...

Halloween Homecoming!

Wilmington! Get ready. We're comin' home. And we're going to throw you a bash. YUH-OH!  This Saturday at Satellite come out and we'll feed you, freak you and fiesta until the sun comes up (this is a lie. We will only fiesta until Satellite kicks us out at 1:59 am.) Specialties include!: -The Freaker B-Truck in Full Force!  -Photobooths You Wouldn't Believe!  -Costume Party & Freaker Prizes!  -Grilled Cheese Extravaganza!  - Justin Lacey & The Swimmin...

Brookville Gets Superfreaked!

The other day, the literal Home of the Freak got Freaked. And it was fantastic. There were sweet jamz provided by Justin Parson & Kent Michelitsch, kiddie playfests, and unlimited sandwich glory-grillins.  All photos taken by the mystical man Bill Stein, except for those taken by David Hegburg. Those were, of course, taken by David Hegburg.   Photo by Bill Stein Photo by Bill Stein Photo by Bill Stein Photo by Bill Stein Photo ...

Partytime! Today! Brookville!

What use to be tomorrow, is now today! (Sit on that one for a minute, philosophy.) The cloud-men told us that it would be raining tomorrow, so we've rescheduled Brookville's grilled cheese party for today! Come out today to the town square for some grilled cheese, live music & everything in between! Home Freak Home, it's so good to be back!   

HilariousHighlights of Mishap & Good Fortune

A few memorable moments from the past couple of days via Chicago!  Threadless decided it would be a good idea to use some of us for t-shirt product shots. We can only hope that they were not expecting them to turn out even mildly sane.  I know you can't read this, but this fine gentleman's nametag reads Alanis Moresette. And for that, we are eternally giggling. Lauren has fallen into another irreparable Tom Waits phase and has been attempting to weave it int...