Oliver's New Short Film In It's Entirety!

Our dear Oliver Mellan was Director of the Month (of May!) for IndyMogul! He was commissioned to make a short film in 31 days with weekly tutorials on his unique techniques of chic peeks for freaks! If you haven't seen these, your soul is angry at you.

Oliver: "Awesome Director of May 2014."

  Oliver has been working on a short film that he's doing for Indy Mogul and every week he gives a video update with tips and tricks about the process of filmmaking! This week, he explains the joys of collecting trash.

Sirens in Space!

 Oliver-Mellan, is currently doing a project for Indy Mogul which is a tv-for-the-internet-tutorial-of-video-swank. What this means: Oliver is working on a sci-fi short film about an exiled siren (IN SPACE!)