Touchin' Me, Touchin' You.

Tomorrow we launch the brilliance of Cuppow, which transform mason-jars into sippy-cups! Tonight we celebrate! What are you celebrating though? Who is it that you are supporting? Who touched it and who are you touching (sexually, of course.) Things these days have become so streamlined, so efficient. Machines spit products into boxes and ship them off without so much as a kiss goodbye. Gone are the days of human contact. Remember that warm feeling you got when the lunch lady would grab...

Bogatte Bomboclat!

  SURPRISE, MY FRIEND! YOU'VE STUMBLED UPON BOGATTE! Make yourself at home, take off your shoes, get comfy.. these women have joy-supplies for days.

Signature Artist Series: Jessie Williams & MineMine Mania!

  The very first designer to take the Freaker mold and make it her own is the fabulous founder of Edge of Urge: Jessie Williams! Ladies and Gentz, I would like to introduce you to..... MineMine!

Design a Freaker Contest Winner!

A couple months ago we held a Design-A-Freaker contest in which the winner's designs would go to production.   It took us a hot minute to figure out which designs were Freakerly feasible, but we found our winner and his name is Denton Holt, designer of the newest member of our Freaker Family: Liberty Freak. Denton is not only a Freaker Winner but also a Fierce Champion of Life. We scored a lucky moment to talk him about his extraordinary special quirks. Laides and Gentlemen, I prese...


This morning, Freakers freaked the airwaves! Wilmington's Z107.5 did a give-a-way special with Zach! We have yet to actually hear the interview absurdities, but the internet, like always, has provided the outlet for those of us who are eternally forgetting things.