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OK, Cupid. Alright.

Nailed it. Ladies and Gentlemen... but emphasis ladies,  This...

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Growing Up

 Justin's birthday was last night.  Lauren turned into a pumpkin & the...

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Reign of Multi-legged Terror

Readers beware, if you have a squirmish  This really happened (yesterday.) To real people (us.)  Read More

Dark Ages

Our internet wasn't working until 12:39 today. Read More

Zoo Animals

This morning we woke up to the published article on Zach in The Music...

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Re-purposing Urban Outfitter's Chinese Made Knockoffs! For nature!

Some of you may remember the "incident" with Urban Outfitters. ...

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Eloquence and Explanations!

"I can talk visually. I just can't talk... with.. you know... words."  -Justin Mitchener speaks...

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Interview Procedures

 Today we got a new intern! We would like to formally introduce you to the...

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Cucalorus Screenprinting Saturday Sauce!

This Saturday, The Freakerteam and Friends got up early, sat in a circle and held...

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Justin Mitchener: Man of Purchasing Bravery

We want to set something straight. Something of the upmost importance, relevance and...

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