Radiation Filters!

Dearest Captain Freakadoids, Our co-founder and video magician, Oliver Mellan needs your help finishing his new film - Radiaton Filters! It’s a humorously serious docu-narrative about the relationship between and evolution of humans and nuclear energy. The film is focused on "the next step” of nuclear radiation and healing and it’s a wild ride so do yourself a favor and give it a whirl, little chickies! Check out his Kickstarter campaign here!

Oliver's New Short Film In It's Entirety!

Our dear Oliver Mellan was Director of the Month (of May!) for IndyMogul! He was commissioned to make a short film in 31 days with weekly tutorials on his unique techniques of chic peeks for freaks! If you haven't seen these, your soul is angry at you.

Oliver: "Awesome Director of May 2014."

  Oliver has been working on a short film that he's doing for Indy Mogul and every week he gives a video update with tips and tricks about the process of filmmaking! This week, he explains the joys of collecting trash.

Sirens in Space!

 Oliver-Mellan, is currently doing a project for Indy Mogul which is a tv-for-the-internet-tutorial-of-video-swank. What this means: Oliver is working on a sci-fi short film about an exiled siren (IN SPACE!)

Oliver's Obvious Alter-Egos.

Everybody has at least one alter-ego. Whether or not they choose to showcase it is what sets them apart from everybody else. Here at Freaker USA, we highly encourage pseudo-self expression by playing dress-up to really give that multiple-personality syndrome a sense of confidence.  Today, we will showcase two of Oliver's alternative personalities, and we have 5 bucks on the assumption that they will surprise no one.  This here is Willy the Kid. He is 4 1/2 years old and hi...

Kickstarter Conception Celebrations!

This report is a little late, but it's taken us a couple extra days to mentally process what went down last Saturday. April 7th, 2012 was the one year anniversary of launching our Kickstarter campaign that propelled us into space.  For those of you who have only recently been inducted into the Familia de' Freak, let us rewind for a hot second: Kickstarter is an online platform that provides funding for creative projects from people like you (and you! and you and you you and you!) ...

April Feulz

It took us a whole 24 hours to realize that not everybody somehow "became" pregnant yesterday.  You sure did fool us! But meanwhile, we were fooling ourselves with a very special "fool the senses" dinner party! Don't understand completely? Here - maybe the official invitation will clear up the fuzzies (don't mind the part about smelling ourselves. That was... that is... somehow... irrelevant.) By "Bill Clinton," Mr. Mellan actually meant "his mom," whose all time favorite holiday...

Springtime Cross-Pollination!

It's that time of year where things like pollen & love are floating around like pesky little 'squitos. What better way to celebrate than to cross-pollinate your favorite things?! This works out extra great if "your" name is Freaker USA and your "favorite things" is Edge of Urge!  Those pretty babies lured in our very own Oliver with free cookies and captured some snapshots in between his nibblings! UHMAZING!  Here you can see Oliver Mellan gazing longingly in the dista...

A sneak peek at our latest videojam

Obama? Obama is that you?!   Meanwhile, who can spot the astonishingly freakerless bottle monstrosity?! THE HORROR!

Adventures in the Goodwill

One of the reasons why we love Goodwill so dang much:  1. Fancy duds like this:   2. They rarely kick us out for putting lady shirts on our legs.  3. They let us release our inner spirit of Vin Diesel (AMERICA!) with newly learned terms such as "spangles" REJOICE!

Oliver's Berfday; Parental Discretion Advised.

Once upon a time, Oliver Mellan was born. (Born from a woman, just to clarify) Last week, we celebrated this historical event with valor & also a little bit of velour. Here is the documentation that this shindig actually happened, because it would have been debatable without them:     Beauty & The Feast                          The other magical wonderland. (P...

Thoroughly Thursday!!

  This is what tradeshows do to us. Fabulosify.