The Absurdities of Portland Bums

Last Saturday, we threw a grilled cheese extravaganza for the city of Portland. And while the party people partied it purple, we have to crown the true winners of the night to the Portland-Bound Vagabonds that we plagiarized for 5 hours via Twitter. We are still celebrating their fabulosity. Let's revisit the glory:

Portland Party Pups!

Freak out! 

The 3 Stages of Grief

So this morning, on our way out of Portland, we had to leave Oliver behind. (Our coffee wasn't hot enough & he got blueberry muffins instead of cranberry. Unacceptable behavior - due consequences.) This is the situation in it's maudlin, sentimental moment. But it soon turned to violence.  His new buddies: a heap of trash. Ah-HAH. No fear, rest of the world. He will re-convine with us in Minneapolis, and all of you on the east coast will be fully Oliver-ed. This is a prom...

Portland Party! Today! YAY!

Hey Portland! We are enamored by you, and to show our appreciation for your fancy friskiness we want to grill our cheese in your honor.  (No, not sexually. I think.) Come to Colonel Summers City Park today around 2:30 (and beyond!) for a grilled cheese freaker btruck superb extravaganza of love!! 


  It’s illegal to pump your own gas in Portland. Now there is another man fondling our pump. This is the face of sad sad confusion.