The Evolution of Cuppow!

This was a match made in heaven for Freaklovers everywhere - coffee in a sippy-cup mason-jar is all fun&games until a series of unfortunate events stemming from your hands getting too hot lead to your eyeballs getting accidentally poked out. FREAKERS TO THE RESCUE. What a rosy world.


 Ladies and Gents, let us introduce you to our newest Favorite-Thing-In-The-World.  Do you caffeinate yourself via mason jars? Is your name SpillyVanilly? Do these two features haunt you at night with coffee stains and burnt fingertips? Boy! Do we have a shocker for you!  CUPPOW is here to save the day! Special sippy-lids for your canning jars, Cuppows are 100% made in America! Created in an enchanted warehouse in Somerville, MA, they will make sure that you are ...