Have we doted on Pete The Dog's children too much already? Evidently not, because the entire city of Wilmington picked up where we left off.  Pete's lady child, Beyonce has officially been named the Cutest Dog Of Wilmington in Encore Magazine. Encore goes a step beyond even our adoration, by giving Beyonce a full length interview and legitimizing her use of hashtagging herself as #BeyonceTheDog.  Since that fated day, Beyoncé, Pete, Nelson Danzig Mandela, and Girlfriend have been running th...

New Freaker Uses: Puppy Medical Supplies

  ...That is all. 

Man in a Lag. Dog in a Bag.

  Home sweet home. You can tell that this is a reunion moment because Pete the Dog actually looks like he's a real dog. ...as opposed to this.

Peter Pan Pablo

  It's Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012. What does that mean for you? It means that you are about to be bombarded with odd photos of Mister Pete the Dog

Heartbreak Hotel

Yes. That IS a sad puppy-head in a cone-bubble. I'm sorry.