Freaker Yardsale!

Wilmington - we’re having a blowout yardsale of discontinued Freakers, Freaker Feet, growlers, odds & also ends. Yes, there will be a $1 bin. This Saturday. 8am-2pm. Our office. 1121 S. Front St (near Satellite!) We want you to laser blast through our inventory space jam. Take out our Weapons of Mass Freakdom. Be the typhoon to our straw beachhouse of extra supply. Extinguish the fire of our Freaker stockpile. Wax the extra Freaker hairs off of our warehouse legs. Liquidate our solids....


Damnit, proverbial Grant strikes again. Our 50% off Spring Cleaning Sale rages on! Get yours before the going gets gone. 

HugDealer Sale!

Is your day lacking a sense of civil service? Are you so excited for Sunday's Big Game that you're having uncontrollable urges to spend all of your money on football paraphernalia? Have you even started sniffing out Valentines Day doodads & tchotchkes yet? Don't worry. We have the answers. For all of you. Be a hug dealer in your community today. From now until Friday, take 25% off your entire order with the discount code: HugDealer

Holiday Spirits!

Hanukkah is already here and Christmas is coming up quick. How does your gift-giving to-do list look these days? OPPRESSIVELY OVERWHELMING AND ULTIMATELY BEHIND? You're not alone, skippy. This might help: From now until Christmas, we're offering free shipping on any orders $25 or more! Let's get those stuffings stocked, kiddos..

Cyber Monday 2015!!

As the sale weekend comes to a close, we have one last big bang for you to stuff all the stockings with. We slashed the Black Friday minimums in half, so that our Cyber Monday sale has bigger discounts for lower prices! Free Shipping on every order! Get 20% on orders of $49 or more with code Freakday20 Get 30% on orders of $99 or more with code Freakday30 Get 40% on orders of $149 or more with code Freakday40 Bring it on, ding dongs.

Black Freakday 2015!

We know why you're here. You know why you're here. You're here to save both money and the holiday spirit. Of being awesome. (And supporting small business!) So we'll keep this short. Like, Tom Cruise short. Ladies and gentlemen, Black Friday Weekend is as follows: Free Shipping on every order! Get 20% on orders of $99 or more with code Freakday20 Get 30% on orders of $199 or more with code Freakday30 Get 40% on orders of $299 or more with code Freakday40 HAVE FUN OUT THERE, SWEETBUTTS!

PizzaButt Flash Sale!

(No, you don't need to flash anybody.) From now until Thursday at midnight, take 20% off your entire order with this discount code: PizzaButt

Back to School Sale!

Remember when Alice Cooper famously said that schools out for the summer? We don’t either. Schools in for the bummer The good news? It’s official note-passing, pencil-munching, hall-trotting season, and with that comes the back to school sales that astroglide students into the swing of routine. Let’s get freaked and let’s get learned. From now until Friday, take 20% off your entire order using the code "SchoolDance" **offer valid 8/25 - 8/28

#DadBod Sale!

With the recent cultural awakening of #DadBod fandom, fathers everywhere should be feeling pretty good about 2015. You're a hot commodity right now, Pops! DILFs for all! Father's Day is right around the corner, and it's probably high-time you jump on the "your body is a thunderland" bandwagon, if only to make Papabear feel special. As luck would have it, we have the perfect DadBod Medal Of Honor for you. For a limited time only (6/9 - 6/17), Dad Freakers are 40% off! Use code DadBod at che...

Mother Day Sale!

Rumor has it that being a Mom is often a thankless job. Remember when you were a child and your Mother would forbid the luxurious things in life like running with scissors, taking candy from strangers, and walking Danzig's way? What about all of those times she had to post bail in the principal's office? The endless Yo Mama jokes. The "science experiments." The kidnapping scares. (GOTCHA! Just hiding under the house again, Mom!) From now until Friday, we're having a storewide sale in honor...

Cyber Monday!!!

It's the Final Countdown (da da daaaaa da!) for our 40% off bargain! The long weekend is technically over, but our massive Freaker sale is not! Rejoice!!! Take 40% off of all orders of 10 or more Freakers until midnight using this discount code: BlackFreakday

FairWeather Fan Sale!

We all have a fairweather fan friend. They scream at all the wrong moments, root for the team that’s making the most “goals” and booooooooo die-die-die whatever team had the most recent scandal on TMZ. And that’s fine. Fairweather fans are people too. Just because they can’t settle down with one team doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to your football parties! I mean... They usually bring nachos. And nachos are important.  From now until Sunday night, for every 5 Jock Itch (go team!) you bu...