The Ultimate Flattery

This morning, we received a message (on the INTERNETS!) asking us if Zach was the previous owner of a 1995 teal Pontiac Grand Am. At first we were a little thrown off because the answer is unfortunately "no." Our next immediate reaction was a strange form of pity for a woman who may accidentally be stalking the past of the wrong man. But then, after the illumination that is Craigslist, we realized that we will probably never receive a higher compliment than the simple question "Were...

Smell the cookin

 We woke up to this morning to a special treat on our internets:  Our immediate response was to hide in a corner and blush. Our second reaction was to send dear Lindsey a love song in the form of Jock Jams to communicate our hugs to her. But we got distracted.  This stands as a warning to our dear readers. Your Freakerteam has gotten a fever. The Rock fever. Prepare yourself for the days to come because IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT KIND OF FEVER WE HAVE.