Meet the maker!!! When he's not racing motorcycles in rap videos, Carson Cram (Cramworks) hand forges all of our displays with the fire of a million local-metal-fabricator suns! Support your local artisans, kiddos. They'll thank you dearly. Small Business Warriors UNITE!  


Canadians can freak too! This is 2014, dammit. #FreaqualRights If you're at Toronto Gift, come say HEYYAAAA! You can track down your new Freakers at the Shadowbox by David Youngson booth! Bam bam bam!

Greenscreen Blingcream: Vegas!

With yesterday's release of Duck Face, selfies are fresh on our minds. To keep with the theme, last week we took your green-screened glamourshots in Vegas at POOL Trade Show. Tupac, Mr. T, Little Mr. T and a gaggle of beautiful people will be forever remembered like this. Were you in Vegas last week for POOL or Magic trade shows? Click here for incriminating photos of yourself. Don't worry, as long as you're not planning on running for public office soon, you should be fine. Tag yourself, fr...

Orlando Blooming

  Remember that time we drove a boxtruck house into the Orlando Surf&Skate Expo, put RiFF RAFF on repeat and took saucy photos of your slaphappiness? You've erased it from all memory? Too bad. Here's the evidence. The Freaker photobooth from last week's Orlando Surf Expo is up on Facebook and ready for blackmail! Tag yourself go go go! Moral of the story: You people really hate wearing pants.

Spotty Dotty

A.) We’re all over the dang place right now. If you find yourself in Orlando, Atlanta or Dallas for trade shows, track us down and we’ll shower you in presents, high fives, and residual dog hair. Ja Rule boldly said it, and we boldly second it - Baby girl, put it on me. B.) The new line of Freakers for 2014 is comin’ atcha quick! In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing contests, giveaways and surprises preparing for the launch of our newest family members! Soooooon, my precious. Soo...

POOL party in hindsight

Last week was spent wallowing on the floors of the Mandalay Bay convention center for POOL trade show. We've been floating in space ever since. Here's why:

Sup girl?

Hey, New York! Guess what?! We just snuck up on you! Like a ninja! A stealthy bearded ninja!

Our Failed Attempt to Cultivate Street-Cred in Hotlanta.

So once upon a time (yesterday.) three of the freak warriors ventured into the fiery depths of a magical land called Atlanta.  Sidenote: Yes, this is our 2nd time to Atlanta this month. We're trying to get enough local street credit that when a middle-aged predator at a dive bar asks us "You come here often?," we can rightfully say "Why yes. Yes we do come here often."