POOL party in hindsight

Last week was spent wallowing on the floors of the Mandalay Bay convention center for POOL trade show. We've been floating in space ever since. Here's why:

Grin City!

Even though it was said that it could not be done, we stopped in Bat Country. Vegas just got super freaked, and the city of sins transformed into the city of grins.

Also in the Raunchy Red-Velvet News...

This happened.  

Timeline of Important Events: Freaker Version

Ladies and gentlemen,  We have pretty heavy news for you. You may want to sit down for this. I apologize in advance if this news dampens your otherwise joyous day, but breaking broadcasts of deeply-felt importance like these are sometimes necessary. I'm not sure how to adequately explain this to you in words, so instead I'll lay it out in visual terms. 

Sexy Sax Man Gets Freaked

Alternative Title: THE ULTIMATE DEFEAT IN THE BOYS VS GIRLS PRANK-CHALLENGE WITH THE BOYS COMING INTO THE UNDENIABLE LEAD AND THE GIRLS WEEPING SOFTLY IN THE BACKGROUND SUCKAAAAAZZZZZZ Alternative Alternative Title: THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES.  Yesterday as we danced around our tradeshow cube, we started to hear majestic murmurs.... splendid wisps of extravagance.... one might even say... careless whispers.  Before we go any further, we'd like to educate those of y...

Viva Los Vogos

We're still in Vegas for Project!! It's the last day of the tradeshow! Come play with us!!!  Photo by the lovely folks at Project (via Twitter) 

Vegas Project-Cube!

If you little kittens are in Vegas for the Nevadan trade shows this week, come say hi to us in Project! We're in an "accessories cube," which I'm pretty sure translates to "the future" in binary code.      We're #9107!!! PLAYDATES!

Freakers in Vegas!

Departure Gate!: 5 carryons, 4 am, 2 chaps, 1 goal: Dominate Vegas.  If any of you fine cats are in Vegas for Project this week, come see us. If you see the sparkly gentleman in rollerskates that will be screaming in Japanese, you know you're getting close.

Time-Travelin Freak-Masterin Vegas-Machine

When in Vegas, do as the Romans do. To clear any confusion, here is a visual instruction guide as to what Romans do. In Vegas.  All photos are by the great man named 10!   

Vegas: Photo Recap of the Neon City!

 As we cross into the California sunshine, let's take a look back at the last week of bright lights & convention centers! Unfortunately, we didn't find a single Elvis impersonator & none of us had unbearable urges to spontaneously marry a stranger. All of those movies were fictional!? This is the hot-mess that happens during a trade show setup. Shockingly, it only got messier as she decided to dye her hair bright red & accidentally splattered it ...

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Freaker Rendition

8 am doesn't always have to be drowsy. And as somebody so eloquently put it: "Home Depot is closed."