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Bluetooth Invasion

Dearest backers, friends, and earthlings, We would like to formally invite you on a luxury trip inside of Zach Crain's ear. In this spectacular holiday cruise around Freakerville, you’ll discover the mystical (yet modern!) ways of a colorful community on the coast of North Carolina. Journey across the internet, get out of your old stink socks and into our hearts. On this exotic vacation, you will meet the good folks who you are supporting when you back Freaker Feet. They thank you for every...

Throwpass Thursday

Bring it on, LeBron.

Blame Chavrill.

Have you ever filmed a hoser syrup commercial that went horribly downhill due to a King Kong Ogopogo Canadian in his britches? EH?! Me too, sonny. Me. Too. Oh, Canada. We’re not blaming you. We’re blaming Chavril.

We made a Rap Video.

  Yes. You heard right. This week we crossed a life-goal off of our life-bucket-list. We made a rap video. It's a real video with a real rapper and you should really watch it if you aspire to keep it real. Introducing the boomboom single I Don't Give A Freak by Nicky Nice Guy The Highness. Wear a helmet, your head might explode. *Mic Drop*

E Freak Phone Home

Rap Wrap

We recently filmed a Freaker rap video because... Because.  Here's a sneak peak at the first music video of the rest of your life. 

Just talk to me, D-Rod.

For last week's Freaker Friday, we asked what you and Dennis Rodman would chat about in a newsroom scenario. The moment that your tweets started spilling in, we started to get jealous. Our jealousy about your hypothetical conversations with Dennis Rodman wasn't a normal jealousy. It was uncontrollable jealousy. The kind of jealousy that makes you buy a boat just to set it on fire. The kind of jealousy that forces you to marry yourself in a fit of jealously (of yourself.) There was only one...

One Freaker. Every Bottle.

Do you have a skeptic in your life? That guy who does NOT believe in life after love. He does NOT believe in magic in a young girl's heart. He does NOT believe that politicians are alien lizards. He does NOT believe that Freakers will fit anything you'd possibly want to drink out of. Don't worry. We made this video so you can prove that guy wrong, once and for all. I hope you bet money on this one, skippy.

Freaker Philosopher's Guild

Our dog Pete recently wrote a best-selling self-help book that is taking the nation by storm. It's called HowTo: Not Give A Shit. Spoiler Alert: This video is the book. If you're saddened by this fact, take it up with Pete who will clearly care about your input. 

Ida Red Tinted Glasses!

  We like everything. Sometimes we reveal our true colors and say that we love everything. Once upon a time, we confessed our undying love for Oklahoma, along with our apologies and regrets that we hadn't always known to love Oklahoma so fiercely. Want to wallow in an Okie Bubble with us?! The fine folks at Ida Red Boutique have put together this A+ video about a Freaker life, living in a boxtruck, and slingin' grilled cheese sandwiches for the masses! "Why? We said it one time and then...

Rice Life

We have another new Freaker video to philosophipherphize on you and remind you of the true meaning of life. Spoiler alert: It's burritos. This little clip is actually an accurate glimpse of what life is like when you live in our warehouse 6 days a week. So on that note, welcome to our humble abode. Please, make yourself comfortable. And then fetch me a burrito.