Washington, Revisited

 A couple weeks ago we lost all senses (in the fun way!) in Republic, Washington. Just recently, the dear Kate released photos taken by a wonderful man named Laosy John. Here is the photographic evidence of our weekend in the frontier lands: 

When Cougars Attack: A Freaker Guide

1. Don't make any sudden movements.  2. Don't resist the de-shirting process.  3. Try not to visibly cower in fear. You like it and you know it's true. 

Travelogue: Frontier Friends!

Last weekend, the Freakerteam got to party in a town so small that the US government doesn't technically consider it a "town." Welcome to one of the last bonafide "frontier" communities in the Home of the Brave, Land of the Freaks: Republic, Washington.    The grand ol' glory of Washington.  New buds & new duds! We threw a grilled cheese party for the lovely folks at Honky Tonk Petanque! For those of you who have never played a game of Petanque, you should probabl...