Weirdy Beardys

Freakerville recently had the pleasure and the honor of getting a drop-in from the Chop himself. If you are not in the Wilmington area, then you may have never heard of Chop's Deli. I'd go so far as to say that if you are not in the Wilmington area, then chances are that you have never eaten a real sandwich.

Truck-A-Roo BoogyDown!

Tomorrow from 4-8, we'll have the boxtruck set up for Wilmington's 1st Truck a ROO! In less than 24 hours, it will officially be Saturday morning. What does this mean for you? Cereal! Cartoons! Cigars! Of course, we didn't have to tell you these things: it is innate knowledge. Here's what we do have to tell you: Wilmington's very first Truck A ROO is launching into space! With regional food trucks stationed downtown, nibbles will be plentiful. We're also setting up the Freaker Boxtruck...

Cuppow Launch

Freaker USA will be carryingCuppows as of Friday! LET'S CELEBRATE! This Thursday at 8pm, we'll be throwing a launch-soiree at The Soapbox in downtown Wilmington! Made in the USA, Cuppows turn your mason-jar into a to-go sippy-cup! First 50 in the door get a free Cuppow, free Freaker & free 16 oz. mason jar! Free Glamour Shots for all via photographer JMitchener! YEEHAW! Playdates!

Jailhouse Rock & Sock

  On August 21st (that's this Saturday!), the little nuggets at Edge of Urge are throwing a slightly-belated but extra-awesome birthday party! They, like Foxtrot Yankee Hotel, are just turned a full 10 years old! (Little known fact: Edge of Urge & Foxtrot Yankee Hotel have playdates all the time. On the playground. Because they're 10 years old.)

Hotspot Hometown

I saw this photograph posted by Front Street Brewery today and HOLY SMOKES, YALL... Having Wilmington as a homebase is cooler than a penguin in the depths of an ice-berg ice-cave in ice-land (not to be confused with Iceland.)

Here's Photo Stock Explaining Why We're Still Recovering

For those of you who weren't able to make it to our 1-year birthday party on June 10th, I'm pretty sure you're fed up with us flaunting how much fun you could have had. I understand your woes and all those regrets for opportunities missed.... but too freakin bad. Here are some of the finished photos of the ShakeParade & ShakeQuake.

Benji Hughes Pt. 2 of 2 (TOOTOO TUTU!)

Google reports: "Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, popularly known simply as Seal."

Snapturtle Sunday Shots

  Sunday was our one-year birthday party, the results of which slightly crippled us for the next 48 hours. Justin had his fancy camera on board and has been editing your glamour shots all morning - but in the mean time, I want to give you a sneak preview of the rowdy riles that were accomplished via Dear Laney's lens:

ShakeQuake Mann Hunt!

  This is the famed Vegas star RuRonPaul of the Blue-showMan Group. On his off days, he enjoys waking up early and taking a stroll to the nearest meadow to listen to the chirps of spring birds and rustle of turtles in the creek.

Next Week! Benji Hughes! Get tickets here!

  Well my, oh my - is this next week going to be a roll in the party-dirt, or what?! On Sunday, Freaker's very first birthday party is going to be a throw-down conquest of jubilation!

ShakeQuake Mannequin Rumble!

 This is Citizen CandyKane. He is a news junkie, film junkie, cheese junkie, and Skittles Juice junkie.

Freaker Turns 1! BirthdayBash - Next Sunday!!!

  Mark your calendars, Wilmington.