New Freaker! Boxtruck Playdates! Cape Fear Reprezent!

 There's a new Port City Freaker on the block, children. The Freakerteam & boxtruck are going to be in full force tonight at the Wilmington Downtown Sundown Concert series circa 6! Tonight, the Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute band is going to be on the river, and as always, it's super free!

Oliver's New Short Film In It's Entirety!

Our dear Oliver Mellan was Director of the Month (of May!) for IndyMogul! He was commissioned to make a short film in 31 days with weekly tutorials on his unique techniques of chic peeks for freaks! If you haven't seen these, your soul is angry at you.

The Remnants of Beer Fest

Last Saturday, the Carolina's Brewery Invitational (BEEEEEER FEST, BROSEPH!) had it's first rally at the new downtown location! Carolina Breweries, local & national bands, and the Freaker boxtruck in full force

Wilmington Beer Fest! This Freakin Satuday!!!


Record Store Celebrations!!

This past weekend was national Record Store Day! For music lovers and small-business enthusiasts, RSD is comparable to a Christmas-BlackFridayBirthday-IndependenceDay (both the Will Smith movie AND America day!) flash-mob rave of delicious goodness! Wilmington's hometown heros joined forces at the kingdom-of-rad, Gravity Records, to celebralte the occasion! Craft beer was provided by local brewing company, Good Vibes. Give-aways were made possible by Wilmington's finest: Edge of Urge, Soapbo...

Hollywood Debut!!

Last night we got the first phone call of our new film careers! We called our chauffeurs and had them drive us around in bedazzled limousines  and popped at least 69 bottles of sparkling grape juice. We sashayed onto the set and flawlessly nailed every scene in such a spectacular show of confidence and raw talent that every director in the Northern Hemisphere has been clawing at our phone lines in sweet sweet desperation for the now-famed Freakerteam.  One small detail: When we say...

Lofty Birthday Wishes

A couple weeks ago, our very own Oliver had a birthday extravaganza. We realized just how strangely the evening had devolved when we came-to in a laundromat at 1:30 am dancing in costumes that included but were not limited to: a unicorn, Sexy Sax Man, and the cast of a Lifetime movie about British runaways from 1983.  Welppp. This past Friday was Lauren's birthday. ...The worst part about birthdays is that you give full control of your day to somebody who is probably going to be re...

Airport Security

Last time we "experienced" an airport, a TSA agent sternly ordered Zach to "Shut your mouth, boy" after he was found hysterically giggling in the not-at-all-intrusive body scanners.   Yesterday, we had a dear & freaky friend fly into Wilmington and because it was his first time in our precious town, we decided to greet him in a non-molesting way. Well. Kind of.  We debated on whether or not photos of "Jaybird" beanie babies would trigger disturbing childhood memories. ...

Oliver's Berfday; Parental Discretion Advised.

Once upon a time, Oliver Mellan was born. (Born from a woman, just to clarify) Last week, we celebrated this historical event with valor & also a little bit of velour. Here is the documentation that this shindig actually happened, because it would have been debatable without them:     Beauty & The Feast                          The other magical wonderland. (P...

Seasick Mama in Wilmington! Tonight!

Our dearest dear of all the dears, Seasick Mama who runs the brilliantly charged House of Creatives will be in Wilmington tonight for a tasty listening party of her new EP, Dead Like Money! Come to Satellite to give the little lady a warm welcome to Wilmington and wallow in the collective freak!  You may recognize Seasick Mama from a past Freaker life of howdyrowdys: She is the foxy fox with limbs in between Zach's legs. Obviously. (See you there, or something about squa...


The crew of Iron Man 3 has a very professional love note coming their way.  #Freaked

Cupcake Communion!

Yesterday one of the lady members of the Freakerteam had a surprise birthday party! Oysters (edible!) and puppies (not edible!) and fireworks (not edible!) and ....GIANT CUPCAKES (superbly edible!) were abound!  It was such a fantastic birthday that we decided to make new Sunday rituals that everyone can enjoy! Starting from least important to most necessary, here is a new cardboard cutout for what Sunday's now have in store: 4.  Find scraps. Make shapes. Spread joy. Rinse...