Introducing... YonderDown!

Holidays are fast approaching and Freakers are coming out of the woodworks for the season! One of our newest editions is named Yonderdown and he would love nothing more than to travel down yonder with you to grandma's house for that special hot tottie that only she can brew up. NOM NOM NOM  

SneakPeak from our Christmas Shoot!

 Pretties + Puppies = Perfect. 

#MysteryChristmas: Office Edition


Trick or Freak: Gallery #2

As promised yesterday, here is the second installment of the photographic documentation of this weekend's officially freaky hot mess! Hurrah! 

Trick or Freak: Gallery #1

Last Saturday, Wilmington almost internally combusted. It sounds dangerous, yes, but it was well worth it. The finest of hunies and the swellest of chaps came out for the Trick or Freak party at Satellite Bar for a Halloween extravaganza that will be referenced for years to come. Big bearhugs to everyone who made it out this weekend, it wouldn't have been such a roaring success without you! If we were to release all the photos in one swoop, your eyeballs may fall out due to too much ...

#MysteryChristmas: Alisha-Out-Dressing-Molly Edition

Today Alisha and Molly, the maidens of the office, were scheduled to have a dress-off. (Contrary to popular hopes, this does not entail either of them actually taking off their dresses. Instead, Alisha wanted to compete with Molly's constant fashionista status and "fancy herself up" so much that Molly's level of fancy was shadowed.) Too bad Molly was sick today and Alisha dressed-off by herself. Win by default? Absolutely.  Also, Mystery Christmas. Of course. 

#MysteryChristmas: Clues in the Road


Tomorrow! Wilmington to be FREAKED!

Dear Wilmington,  It's official. We're home. Come celebrate with us! Tomorrow at Satellite, we're throwing a bash for you. Free grilled cheese sandwiches, discounted Freakers, photoshoots out the wahoozie & music to move your body to. Justin Lacey and the Swimming Machine is going to rock your socks off and then we're celebrating No Dollar Shoe's cd release! It will surely be a night that will leave you scrambling to recollect all of your thoughts into one coherent memory. All ages ...

#MysteryChristmas:Cave Installment

We'll tell you when you're older.  

Homebound Huniez!

Yesterday we drove our FreakerMobile into the depths of the one place we haven't seen in quite a while: home!  We wore suits and ties and unsuccessfully tried to trick everyone into thinking that the road had changed our business methods. PSSSSFH!  Coincidentally (OR IS IT?!) we came right in time for Peking Night! Oh! The glory of Wednesday evenings!  And we were greeted by the most beautiful beauties of beaut! Best WelcomeHome surprise ever ever!   L...