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University of Arkansas (Brown)


Officially Licensed Product  | Jenkins Enterprises | N. Little Rock, AR 72117  | Distributed by Freaker USA™ | Freaker® and other brands and logos used under license.  The Indicia on this product are protected trademarks of the respective College or University.


One Size Fits All: The University of Arkansas, a beautiful campus deep in the Ozarks, has steadily been educating and graduating an amazingly diverse set of highly disciplined athletes and academics with hands. If they used this knitted bottle sweater with the school’s logo on it, on any size container, they would be repping their school and crushing bottle sweat at the same time.

Made in North Carolina: Honestly, the more we read about former President of the university, the more we wish Senator J. William Fulbright was a North Carolinian. What a baller.

Insulates: If you ever have tried to hike from Maple Hill to the Sculpting Studio in February in shorts and a t-shirt, you understand the importance of proper insulation. With every Freaker bottle sleeve, we guarantee it protects your skin from the elements.

Machine Washable: This can go into any washer or dryer on campus. We know Razorbacks like to get dirty out there.

American Jobs: At Freaker, we know that not every business is going to make it in the long run. Most businesses fail or close their doors. Because you have allowed us to continue to bring great American made products, we want to continue to deliver on the promise of creating more jobs right here in the U.S.A. Thank you.

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