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Colorado University


Officially Licensed Product  |  Jenkins Enterprises  |  N. Little Rock, AR 72117  |  Distributed by Freaker USA™  |  Freaker® and other brands and logos used under license.  The Indicia on this product are protected trademarks of the respective College or University.

One Size Fits All: Cup in the dining hall? Check. Water bottle from the book store. Definitely. Age appropriate beverages? Absolutely. Let your hair down. Party on CU.

Made in North Carolina: Our offices are a few thousand miles from campus, but we feel the connection. Thanks for sending out that good energy.

Insulates: If you don't know what this means, professors at CU will teach you all the details. Enroll today!

Machine Washable: There's a machine in the freshman dorm that is notorious for eating socks and Freakers. Make sure you avoid that one. All others are ok.

American Jobs: Thank you for being amazing members of the Freaker Family.


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