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Ezekiel Elliott


Officially Licensed Product of National Football League Players Inc. © 2019

One Size Fits All: This thing will fit over every bottle of that 6-pack Zeke's got.

Made in North Carolina: He's as tough as nails, this guy. I think that's why we like him.

Insulates: Dallas is almost ground zero for the sweatiest bottle per capita in the U.S. Fans should be scooping these up if they want to keep drinks cold and hold on the ball.

Machine Washable: If you use your Freaker as intended, it will need a good cleaning from time to time. Pop it in the wash and you're good to go.

American Jobs: Zeke is from America's heartland, Alton, Illinois. That's gotta be where he gets his work ethic from. We try to work just as hard.

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