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The special corner of the internet dedicated to the Kickstarter backers that helped make all of our freakiest dreams come true! If we specialized in trophies, you would all get golden ones.

Freak Champion!

Ben Chestnut

Honky Tonk Petanque

Kate M


Betsy and Suzanne,

and some creepy guy that followed us around the Cryptozoology Museum

Jason Mohr

“sneaky hat”

Jim Sarvey

Kent and Les

Freak All Starz

JM Grizzlebee


Tyson Young

Special Agent Voli

Freak All Starz

Nate Hagman
Tyson Young
Special Agent Voli
JM Grizzlebee
Tellman Knudson

Freak Medalists

Scheli B @ Rogue Kite Productions
David Wesson
Steve Kornahrens
please do not
Lou Deles
Kenny & Christie Foster
Molli P. Barnes
Marissa Dev
Ryan V Jones
Kate Meginley
Andrew John Tarr
Emily V
Dennis Clair
Alicia @theatricalism
Saeed o almaktoum
Jeremy M. @mutewinter (if you're doing the twitter thing)
Andreas & Josiane
Patrick Andersen
Klaus-Dieter Lange
E. Michael Hewett & Debbie Lane Hewett
James C Harbison II