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Andrew Luck

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Officially Licensed Product of National Football League Players Inc. © 2019

One Size Fits All: If he had a Freaker of himself on his water bottle on the sideline, he would be keeping his grip sure for all the long bombs he loves to throw and he would know which one is his!

Made in North Carolina: It is STILL a point of debate among the North Carolina fan-base as to “what would have happened if Andrew Luck comes to the league in 2011.”

Insulates: Andrew plays his home games in a dome, which insulates the field. Freakers do the same thing, but for your beverages!

Resiliently Cleansable: Mr. Luck is known for his ability to bounce back, not only from surgery, but from point deficits in the fourth quarter. Put this bottle sleeve in the regular wash cycle when it gets dirty and it too, will bounce back to its top form.

American Jobs: Fun Fact about American Jobs - Andrew Luck’s father is the current commissioner of the XFL set to launch in 2020 and had we been around in 2001, we probably would have had some Tommy Maddox and “He Hate Me” Freakers.

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