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Conservation Nation


Right on, rhino friend.

Proceeds from your purchase of this design supports Conservation Nation, which gives to Smithsonian projects in the wild. 

So personalize your bottle with a disco-loving rhino today and declare yourself a proper conservationist!

Click here to learn more about Conservation Nation and the great work they do all over the world!

One Size Fits All: This Freaker was designed to fit best over reusable bottles, but it simply loves being treated with care.

Made In America: Made locally, shipped globally!

Machine Washable: Take it down to the local watering hole that specializes in cloth sanitation. It will hook you up!

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Turtle Eclipse Of The Heart


For those that love the turtles. One Size Fits All: So that you can take it with you anywhere. Made in North Carolina: A popular state for 80's rock lovers and sea turtles. Who would have thought... Insulates: To keep drinks cold in the sun! Machine Washable: To get the sand cleaned off. American Jobs: From sea to shining sea.

Jelly Good Fellow

$10.99 $6.99

You jelly, bro? -One Size Fits All! Sippy cup? Yep. Water bottle? Yep. 40 oz? Yep. MOST PERFECT GIFT EVER? Yep. -Made in North Carolina!! *somebody inevitably sings Wagon Wheel in the distance* -Insulates!! (I know, I know, big words. Here: It keeps all your drinks cold!) -Machine Washable! Throw that sucker in with a regular load of laundry for a pick-me-up. -American jobs thank you kindly for your support!  

Fairy Tail

$10.99 $5.99

Beach, please. One Size Fits All: This ain't no dinglewinger or a whos-e-whats-e or whatever. This bottle sleeve is one of a kind and should absolutely be treasured. Made in North Carolina: Little known internet-based fact is mermaids were first discovered in a cove along Zeke's Island Reserve. Or so the legend goes... Insulates: It's sparkly and keeps drinks cold. Machine Washable: You'll want to keep this one clean and pretty. American Jobs: Due to overpopulation of human-consumable fish, mermaids have slowly declined in population, placing them on the endangered species list for mythical creatures. Every purchase goes towards helping keep the dreams of mermaids alive.

Bitch Please


The Make-Your-Own-Freaker contest winner designed by Emily Martian! One Size Fits All: Fits all sizes of personal beverage containers and laps up the bottle sweat of for paws of all shapes and sizes. Made in North Carolina: Literally everything about this style barks North Carolina, bitch. Insulates: Keeps all the water in your dog bowl from changing temperature quickly. Assuming that's what you drink out of. We don't judge. Machine Washable: Throw that sucker in with a regular load of laundry for a pick-me-up. American Jobs: American Art + American Products = We Love You