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Arizona State Socks


Officially Licensed Product  | Jenkins Enterprises | N. Little Rock, AR 72117  | Distributed by Freaker USA™ | Freaker® and other brands and logos used under license.  The Indicia on this product are protected trademarks of the respective College or University.

One Size Fits Most: According to their website, students come to ASU from more than 150 different countries. 100% of those who wear men sizes 4-12 and women size 6-14 will be able to wear these socks comfortably.

Wash Like Normal Socks: You would think this goes without saying, but some socks aren’t machine washable. We’ve never met one of those non-washable socks, but we probably wouldn’t like the cut of their jib.

What These Are Made Of: You don’t need a degree from a prestigious research university like Arizona State to know that socks with a cotton/polyester blend like ours will fit comfortably and keep their color.

American Jobs: Oh man. Last time we were on campus, we partied in all American flag apparel on George Washington’s Birthday. You wouldn’t believe what went down at the...

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