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Game of Cones Socks


Before putting on these socks one must bend the knee.

One Size Fits Most: Typically fits men sizes 4-12 and women size 6-14. - Bringing unisexy back.

Made in North Carolina: Where they also drink and know things.

Machine Washable: Also hand washable... but not flame retardant

American Jobs: Lots of them. Thank you!

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Did it all for the Wookie. One Size Fits All: So that no matter what you drink your gangster space juice from, you keep your paws clean and dry. Made in North Carolina: Not a place that is light years away. Insulates: It will keep your drink cold or warm, even in hyperspace. Machine Washable: Pop this sucker in a sanitank and it should be good to go. American Jobs: Thank you for supporting jobs in this universe!

Stormy Troopers

$9.99 $5.99

Are you a target? Because I miss you a lot. One Size Fits All: Just like our uniforms, one size, fits all bottle shapes. It just stretches. Made in North Carolina: This ain’t no galaxy far, far away. It’s in America, right above South Carolina. Insulates: We’ve not yet tested Freakers at -455 degrees, but we will someday… *stares at binary sunset* Regular Laundry Approved: Who are we kidding, your Ran-D will take good care of it for you. American Jobs: If we could give you a huge parade and a shiny metal, we would. All the honors.

Feast Mode


I'm all about that baste, 'bout that baste, no stuffing. One Size Fits All: 12oz bottle. 16oz can. 18oz can bottle. 24oz can. 40oz bottle. Whatever you're about to pound down on while grubbin' up. Made in North Carolina: We asked our medium to channel Mary Brewster, who was at the first Thanksgiving and she said the yam bake served at that first meal was imported from North Carolina. That's according to our medium, anyway. Destroys Bottle Sweat: No coasters necessary. Dry handshakes in abundance. Machine Washable: Keep it clean. American Jobs: We woke up in FEAST MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game of Cones


Spoiler Alert: Ice cream is delicious.  One Size Fits All: From the littlest fingers to the paws of giants. Made in North Carolina: That's what's west of Westeros. Insulates: Keeps things warm in the North. Cold in Highgarden. Machine Washable: Because machines do the wash, not people. American Jobs: Where the fate is up to the people!!!!!

Van Diesel Socks

$15.99 $7.99

-One Size Fits Most! Bringing unisexy back. -Made in North Carolina!! *somebody inevitably sings Wagon Wheel in the distance* -Machine Washable! -American jobs thank you kindly for your support!