Pizza Cat is Back!

Posted by Freaker USA on May 26, 2015

Humans have a special talent of finding connections with inanimate objects. Once upon a time, I knew a girl who was best friends with a toaster oven. That may be an extreme case, but nobody is immune. Did you have a childhood teddy bear? What's your lucky charm? Ever seen a dude fall in love with a motorcycle? The struggle is real.

Today, we're celebrating this quirk of human nature with a Freaker that we 100% feel an intimate connection to. For the lulz.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm Welcome Back to an old favorite... Pizza Cat!

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Freaker Friday: Restock Your Drawers!

Posted by Justin Mitchener on May 26, 2015

With this week's release of Big Booty, we've been extra excitable about being jerks in the high-seas, and it's Friday so we need you to join this pirate party.

Summer is a time for treasure maps. Where there are treasure maps, there are treasure hunts. Where there are treasure hunts, there are treasure chests. Where there are treasure chests, there is treasure. And where there is treasure, there is pleasure.

We want to see your inner summer scavenging pirate. It's Friday - go wild.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages (read: treasure chests) this week filled with Freakers for you to make it rain with.

If anybody blacked out for the last couple of years, Freakers are bottle insulators that will fit any sized bottle - from a sippy cup to a 40 oz! They keep your drink cold, your hands dry, and you awesome. We make them in North Carolina, the grand land of Petey Pablo, Cheerwine, and Blackbeard.

Each winner will get 8 Freakers of their choice from our Boutique and/or Greetings From lines!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Instagram and show us why you're secretly a pirate for your chance to win. Use the hashtag #FreakerBooty so we can find you!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!

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Kickstarter Wait is Almost Over!

Posted by Freaker USA on May 20, 2015

Quick update on your Kickstarter packages:

Our sweet mill is rushing to get the last of our socks through manufacturing and we have about 60% off the styles here, ready to freak! We still have to wait until they’re all here before we can start the super-shipping process, but things are looking bright. We’ve also been waiting on our new fancy pants retail boxes, and guess what?! They arrived this morning!

We’re super excited to get this shipping ball a-rolling, and we’ve already started chipping away at some of the smaller packages (I'm lookin' at you, $1 reward tier.)

If you have moved or need an update to your address - please let us know ASAP! Email and Lauren will make sure that all of your address dreams come true!

We’re trying as hard as we can to get these babies out to you, thank you so much for your patience. We love you, we want to hug you, we can’t wait to freak you.

Peace, esé.

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Big Booty!

Posted by Freaker USA on May 19, 2015

Today in the age-old "pirates vs ninjas" debate, we chose pirates. Why? Not just because of the history of pirate lockdowns in coastal North Carolina (here's lookin' at you, Blackbeard.)

No. We choose pirates for freedom. Pirates looked at the rule book and said "Nah." They saw a map and said "Nah." Pirates looked at the English language and said "Arrr, shiver me timbers, let's make our own speak. Savvy?" There's even an International Talk Like A Pirate Day in celebration of doing what you want, when you want, and how you want. And for that, it's a pirates life for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to an update on one of our favorite Freakers... Big Booty!

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