Freaker Friday: Freaker Madness!

Posted by Freaker USA on December 19, 2014

 Aah, yes. The holiday spirit. It's that special time of year when strangers in funny hats knock on your door, spew some musical nonsense (let's be honest - fa la la la la la la la la la isn't winning a Grammy anytime soon) and nobody calls the cops because it's not creepy. You like it, even. Do you love it?! You love it. No regrets.

It's also that time of the year that you get bombarded with unexpected treats. Do you love it? You love it. And we love you. So let's get this spirit hustle going.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING:We have TWENTY care packages to give away this week!

In an ideal world, we would gift everybody and their nutty uncle a Freaker for Christmas. This is the next best thing.

Each winner will get a Freaker of their choice! WAHOO!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Instagram and show us how you're getting into the holiday spirit with the hashtag #FreakerHoliday for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!

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Internet Holiday!

Posted by Freaker USA on December 17, 2014


We don't have to tell you that the internet is a special place to visit. You know. We know. Everyone knows.

We WOULD, however, like to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the best treats for the season - flavored with the spices of the world wide web. 

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Christmas Shipping!

Posted by Freaker USA on December 16, 2014

News Brief: Whoa, Nelly! Christmas is next week!

If your ducks are veering from the row or your eggs are falling out of the basket, don't worry! You still have time for a Christmas delivery! Some fun shipping facts:

-We ship care packages within 24 hours of your order! All packages are shipped from Wilmington, North Carolina.

-Officially, the post office says the last day for expected Christmas delivery is December 20th, but we're scooting it back a day to be on the safe side. Order by 12/19 for USPS First Class & Priority Mail!

-#NeverForget that Fedex is an option if you're cutting it close!

-Let us know in the "special instructions" box at checkout what kind of gift message you'd like to include in the care package! We are mere robots here to serve your wants and needs.

-We're not actually robots, but we are here to serve you! Happy Holidaze!

We love you,
-The Freakerteam!

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Freaker Friday: Tick & Tocks

Posted by Freaker USA on December 12, 2014

Men can be notoriously hard to shop for. "Nothing, I'm fine. I don't need anything" season is in full force, and you're probably feeling a little "but I have to get you something, ya dingbat" helpless.

Before your downward spiral into A Christmas Story tirade, calm down. Don't worry. Take a deep breath. We're here to help.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have six care packages this week featuring special treats from Tick & Tocks!

Once upon a time, two bearded chaps decided that their facial hair deserved a better pampering. Handmade in Lima, Ohio, Tick & Tocks offers quality grooming products for the whiskered men in your life!

Handcrafted lip balm? Done. Magical beard balm? Done. Beard Liquor? You heard me right. And yes, we've got you covered.

Each winner gets their choice of 2 treats from Tick & Tocks and a Freaker of their choice!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave a photo comment of a facial hair situation that deserves pampering for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!

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