Viva Los Vogos

We're still in Vegas for Project!! It's the last day of the tradeshow! Come play with us!!! 

Photo by the lovely folks at Project (via Twitter

February 15, 2012 by Freaker USA

Vegas Project-Cube!

If you little kittens are in Vegas for the Nevadan trade shows this week, come say hi to us in Project! We're in an "accessories cube," which I'm pretty sure translates to "the future" in binary code. 


We're #9107!!! PLAYDATES!

February 13, 2012 by Freaker USA

Freakers in Vegas!

Departure Gate!: 5 carryons, 4 am, 2 chaps, 1 goal: Dominate Vegas. 

If any of you fine cats are in Vegas for Project this week, come see us. If you see the sparkly gentleman in rollerskates that will be screaming in Japanese, you know you're getting close.

February 13, 2012 by Freaker USA

Thoroughly Thursday!!


This is what tradeshows do to us. Fabulosify. 

February 02, 2012 by Freaker USA

We are North American Madness! Winter Tradeshows Now Now Now!!

Oof! Tradeshow Fever!! The Freakerteam is still at the New York International Gift Fair and we're having dance parties all day everyday. Come see us and get freaked at booth #1654! In other tradeshow news...

For all of you exotics out there, we have a special tropical paradise surprise for you! ...CANADA!! Freakers now have a Canadian Distributor that is cooler than the coolest and is helping us freak the other half of this North American dreamland! If you find yourself in Toronto this week for the tradeshow, go visit the Maple Freaks at booth #8084 & #11557. They will be sure to slap a smile on your face in the most non-violent fun-loving Canadian way there is! Go say HELLO (or whatever is Canadian for "hi") ...Because they are awesome. This is how awesome they are. It is very awesome: 

Holy freak. We just exploded. It got messy. But it was, also, awesome. 

Disclaimer: It was not as awesome as these Canadian dreamboats though. Nothing can ever top their awesome.

January 31, 2012 by Freaker USA

New York!!!! Come Play With Us!!!

 New York, we're back! 

The Freakerteam is currently setting up for New York International Gift Fair!!! If you're also planning to go to the Show, please stop by and boogy with us. Because you know for a fact that we have a break-dancing floor in our booth. #TrueStories

We're Booth #1654! See you there!!! 

(This is us preparing for the tradeshow in the best way we know how.)

January 27, 2012 by Freaker USA


We're freaking out over here.



January 18, 2012 by Lauren Krakauskas

Atlanta freakdom

For the past week, we've been freaking Atlanta at a trade show. These things are massive. These things are serious. These things are alot of stern faces and financial talking-abouts. Obviously, these things are alot of things that we are not necessarily good at. 


Freakers & this tradeshow are having a pretty intense love affair. 

We got a trophy for a contest we didn't know existed! Best booth on floor?! Hurrah!


Our little Freakerfriends have been launching off into all corners of the country! Yesterday, we freaked a hospital in Montana! Weee!!

Holy hot mess - look at all the peoples! (Yes! It's true! Despite what it may look like, those are all people!)

And to keep up the freak demand, we've been caffeinating ourselves into space! 

Booooosy busy bizee!!

Stay Classy, Planet Earf!! Stay Champions, Hotlanta!

January 16, 2012 by Freaker USA


Universal Resource Locators... In Real Life! 

The internet is a no-man's land? Hardly. There are kind kings & bourgeois bosses & the lovely ladies of the lan (Ahaha!)

Yesterday, we got the honor and the pleasure of meeting, greeting & freaking 3 of the internet's superstars! 

From left to right:
Lauren Freak!
Christiane Lemieux, founder of Dwell Studio
Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy
Heather Clawson, founder of Habitually Chic

I never knew that official style-stamps of approval existed. It has been confirmed: They exist.  Freakers have been Aproofed & Approved by the most stylin' of the stylists!

If anybody ever catches sight of these magic-makers, please give them an enthusiastic highfive and a bearhug. Day? Complete! 



January 15, 2012 by Freaker USA

Tradeshow VIP

I know what you're thinking. You're using all of your mental faculties to picture what the back-ends of a tradeshow would look like. 

Dearest of dears, don't you fear. We are here to help you. 

The Freakerteam is in Atlanta for a tradeshow RIGHT NOW! Let us give you a tour. 


So here what professionals call a "loading dock of wisdom." It is located underground. It is like the engine of the Titanic. Let's all wish it the best in it's efforts not to kill everyone and then drown. Onwards!

This is also underground in the "loading dock of wisdom." We were able to carefully unload our boxtruck and at this point in time, our booth is a wild mixture of metal cutouts and lonely bottles. Soon, this hubbub will be a shining light of hope and subsequently, it will help us in our journey to freak the world! You just hold on to your britches!

Keep on keepin on up all the escalators of the fancy building you are inevitably in and find a very patriotic man in a silly hat nailing big wooden signs to big wooden walls. You're very close to "da freak"

A very important step in the back-ends of a tradeshow.... No, really, listen up, this is important. It is imperative. Absolutely necessary ... to make a big mess. Ok, next. 

There will be a loaf of people discussing things and wearing serious-faces. It is not a good idea to disturb them (but you CAN feed them! That is a very good starting point in this zoo!) 

There may be a wily redhead working in extremely-bad-luck areas ....It's ok if you disturb her.  

There should be a gaggle of phone calls. You will hear words like "businessy smusinessy" and "capital freakdom." Don't be afraid. They are usually harmless. 

And past all of the construction and hoopla, there is a wall de freak! You are nearing the temporary headquarters of Freak-The-World Bureau. You are with family now!  


Happy Friday, Freaks!! 

January 13, 2012 by Freaker USA